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October 11th – 113th, 2024 

  • Open 5D Barrel Race 1/2 second splits
  • Youth is 4D and will run after the Open
  • Youth is age 16 and under as of October 11th, 2024
  • Youth is a 4-D Jackpot defined as: 1D being the fastest time of the race. 2D is 1.0 second added to the fastest time. 3D is the fast time plus 2.0 seconds and the 4D is fastest time plus 3.0 full seconds
  • Relay Shot Race – teams of 3 (any age)
  • Prime – 17 years old – 49 years old – carry over only
  • Senior – 50 years old & over – carry over only
  • Exhibition runs $ 5 each pay at the gate (60 second max)
  • Panel Pens $25 per stall per night
  • Limited Plug ins available for Sponsors only
  • Dry camping $15 per night per trailer

General Information:
Please help us to have a safe event: Absolutely everyone must have a current signed liability waiver in order to be allowed to ride on the property.

All contestants must have a current release on file. Contestants include those doing exhibition runs; must have a signed release before riding, any person that is riding a horse MUST have a liability release signed. These liability releases must be signed at every event, every time.

Roohide Saddle High Money Earning Horse & Rider :
This will be on the high money earning horse and rider team from the Friday Open, Saturday Open and Sunday Open only. Side pots and average money does NOT count and you MUST be entered all 3 days on the same horse in order to qualify.

Relay Shot Race: 
Team of 3, any age, taking turns will run down to the third barrel grab their shot and drink it. Whiskey for over 21 and soda for minors. Fastest team to cross the finish line without knocking over the barrel and going around it wins. 2D is a 1 second split. Down barrel is a DQ and not taking or spilling your shot is a DQ

Dress Code: 
Friday warm up race is not dress code. Full dress code enforced Saturday and Sunday. Long sleeve collared, cowboy hat or helmet and boots. You will be fined $50 if you enter the arena on your turn without being in full dress code. There will be a $5 hat fine for all hats lost during your run.

Barrel Down Insurance: Any contestant that turns in a $100 or more sponsorship before the race starts on Saturday will automatically be put into the barrel down insurance. This means that if you hit a barrel on Saturday you will have one chance to rerun at the end of the Open race on Saturday to try to get a clean time that will replace your down barrel time. You must rerun and you must get a clean run to have your time counted. If you get a clean run and time on your rerun for the day it will count for the open race that day and will keep you eligible for the average as well. If you are running multiple horses you must claim which horse you would like the barrel down insurance to go towards before the race starts. The Insurance is available for $100 sponsorship per horse. The same will go for Sunday.

Re-Entry Option: Any contestant can chose to rerun on Saturday or Sunday up until the last rider runs. This will be a completely separate entry and will NOT count towards the average unless you re-enter for Sunday at the same time you re-enter on Saturday. You will be re-entered as horse2 and if you chose to re-enter on Sunday for horse2 to be eligible for the average you will be required to run twice on Sunday and only your horse2 runs will count for your average. You can re-enter just for the day for $75 or you can re-enter for both days on Saturday again for $200 and it will include the average. You can re-enter as many times as you want.

Dogs: Please keep all dogs on a leash and preferably at your rig. After one warning you will be fined $50 and can be disqualified. Please pick up all waste after your dog.

Trash: Please pick up all of your trash (and any that you see) If we can keep the trash pick up to a minimum, then we can avoid raising the grounds fee. There are several trash cans located all around the property for your convenience.

We are asking that everyone abides by basic Barrel Racing Rules. Good sportsmanship and conduct are required. Absolutely no abuse to any animal will be tolerated. Boots are required for all contestants.  Helmets mandatory for the youth under 10.  Watch your children. No child is to be unattended at any time. No riding double or in halters.

Exhibition Runs: Only one horse at time is allowed in the arena. Each run is allowed a maximum of 60 seconds on the pattern and we ask that you stay at trot or faster. (In order to give everyone a chance to get in the arena.)

A contestant will be disqualified if she/he cannot enter the arena to compete in a reasonable amount of time. If your name is called and you do not immediately enter the gate area to compete and the announcer then has to call the contestant for a “second call” At that point a stop watch will be started; after the “second call” you will have 60 seconds to cross the electric eye or you will be disqualified.

Timer Malfunctions:
If the timer malfunctions, the contestant will be granted a rerun at the end of the jackpot (no refunds)

All vet outs/turnouts prior to pre entries closing on midnight September 15th, will be immediately released of all entry fees minus the $20 office fee. Before the start of the race, if reasonable cause for vet/med out and note provided, the contestant is responsible for 30% of all entry fees. If no vet or doctor note can be provided, the contestant will be responsible for 100% of entry fees. Anyone who does not contact the office prior to the start of the race will be responsible for all entry fees.

Pre-entry deadline is October 10th. You can download the entry form from the website and send them in with a check written to the Nolan Watters Memorial or fill them out online and pay through paypal or venmo. We will be closing entries at 11am after the open jackpot starts each day, so that we can have a quick and efficient payout.

All entry fees day of race will be CASH, VENMO or Credit Card (4% service charge) Only, with the exception of mail in entries by the deadline of October 10th. No checks accepted on site. NSF checks will result in a $50 fine. Entry Fees are $100 per day and will include the Average as long as you enter both days before your first run. Friday night warm up race will be $65. $15 grounds fee per day per rider. Youth is $40 a day and Senior, Prime side pots are $25 each per day and are carry over only from the open. There will be a $20 office charge for every time you need to make any change the day of the race. This includes name change, horse change, or rider swaps.

All awards must be picked up by you or a person you designate to do so. If you or your designated person do not show up for award photos, you will forfeit your award and it will go down to the next person in line. No awards will be mailed or held. Must be present and in full dress code for average awards on Sunday after end of race.


All contestants and their family members are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. Foul language, misconduct or abusive comments spoke to any contestant, spectator, staff member or volunteer will result in a minimum $100 fine. The maximum penalty will result in immediate disqualification and no refund of entry fees. Parents and contestants, please realize that any abuse via social media, emails, face-to-face or otherwise will result in a fine or disqualification. All decisions by the race director are FINAL. Disqualified contestants due to abusive behavior must leave the premises immediately. No level of abuse will be tolerated at any time. Excessive whipping, spurring, jerking, inhumane equipment, etc., will result in a minimum fine of $100 and/or disqualification by a race official. No electronic training devices of any kind allowed, no exceptions.

“The production board of the Nolan Watters Memorial reserves the right to refuse service/admission/entry to any person whose conduct is discourteous and or unsportsmanlike. This also applies to any family member or friend of a contestant. No offensive behavior will be tolerated.”

All decisions of the Nolan Watters Memorial board of directors will be final upon thorough review of any contested situation.

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