2019 Saturday Youth

NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Youth

Paying to 4 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 2192.50, Rider count = 111

1D Time = 15.878, Placings = 38, Pool = $ 767.38
2D Time = 16.878, Placings = 32, Pool = $ 657.75
3D Time = 17.878, Placings = 13, Pool = $ 438.50
4D Time = 18.878, Placings = 11, Pool = $ 328.88
Not Placed = 17

1D Placings
1st 15.878 $307.00 Addison Escobar on Royal Ramblin Rose
2nd 15.885 $230.00 Masyn Powers on Dashin Ta Roses
3rd 15.890 $153.00 Stephanie Daehne on Catch Some Reyes
4th 15.937 $ 77.00 Fallon Arave on VF Barrel Slots
5th 16.031 Johnnie Rose Bray on Quik Like Nic
6th 16.092 Skyler Sutton on Shezapepperedbiscuit
7th 16.244 Brooklyn Stallone on Fancy Freckles Jewel
8th 16.261 Parker Asam on Fairlea Whataboutbob
9th 16.285 Pfeiffer Alves on David Lee Niz
10th 16.304 Courtney Walters on Catolena Ichi
11th 16.342 Kynzington Muth on Rewind and Deal
12th 16.383 Masyn Powers on PacMan
13th 16.390 Ashlyn Muto on Nobilo
14th 16.411 Gracie Beth Sutton on Millie Ana
15th 16.416 Taylor Ramirez on Ms Poka Dot
16th 16.418 Jersi Laughton on Kody
17th 16.436 Julianna Wright on Smarty Pants
18th 16.459 Sammie Jo Stuart on Champagnes Fizz
19th 16.487 Ruby Lightfoot on Breezin
Tie 16.487 Jersi Laughton on Rebound
21st 16.499 Isabele Lombardi on Cinderellas Cowgirl
22nd 16.503 Scout Magill on Better Than Fame
23rd 16.544 Paisley Nobles on Oscar
24th 16.572 Kayla Pugliese on Diesel
25th 16.599 Jessica Krambeer on Casnninbiankus
26th 16.613 Jersi Laughton on Jetta
27th 16.639 Lane York on Dashit Zipit Dialit
28th 16.643 Madison Munson on JW Guyz Tantrum
29th 16.645 Haidyn Minick on Cowboy
30th 16.663 Hannah Herman on Junior
31st 16.666 Hayden Jefferies on Lyles Dasher
32nd 16.669 Sydney Webb on Dandy
33rd 16.670 Madison Munson on Foolish Chicado
34th 16.727 Payton Askins on Harlow
35th 16.792 London Gladney on Chrome
36th 16.800 Lola Denmark on Pedlars Way
37th 16.838 Lindsey Lite on California Dreamin
38th 16.848 Ashlyn Muto on Reggie

2D Placings
1st 16.880 $263.00 Emily Gravatt on Spice Girl
2nd 16.917 $197.00 Lily-Ann Sjem on Jewels Swift Credit
3rd 16.967 $132.00 Ruby Robbins on Legends Jr Miss
4th 16.975 $ 66.00 Ashley Witty on Cookie
5th 17.001 Lily-Ann Sjem on Lotus
6th 17.013 Lane York on Dun it
7th 17.015 Dora Denning on Gypsy Roan N Cooke
8th 17.033 Teagan Gorham on Whiskey
9th 17.052 Rylee Cooper on Just Plain Oops
10th 17.072 Kaleb McTygue on Big Shines Image
11th 17.087 Faith Moran on Saramas trouble
12th 17.125 Kaleb McTygue on Pride of Paso
13th 17.128 Avary Neuman on Champagne
14th 17.180 Madeline Fox on Sadie
15th 17.190 Ruby Lightfoot on Freckles
16th 17.241 Ruby Lightfoot on Rockstar
17th 17.261 Audrey Morton on Maddie
18th 17.267 Kendall Webb on Chevy
19th 17.278 Bella Pate on Java
20th 17.348 Taylor Graff on Coats Sunfrost Flys
21st 17.357 Kate Herrera on Just Up High
22nd 17.406 Peyton Russell on Bella Bea Bully
23rd 17.424 Zachary Henry on Stoli Martini
24th 17.426 Emma Maxwell on Cali
25th 17.441 JoJo Hagerstrom on Smoken Boons Hot Cat
26th 17.447 Scout Magill on Zippity
27th 17.463 Stella Miles on Dial Mea Nu Lady
28th 17.568 Carlee Webb on Joker
29th 17.674 Ella Hale on Percentage of Gold
30th 17.676 Ella Cloar on Dakota
31st 17.858 Mollie McTeggart on Cajuns Indigo
32nd 17.875 Serena Contreras on Leggy Lana

3D Placings
1st 17.889 $175.00 Olivia Verbeek on Peanut
2nd 17.891 $132.00 Laney DeNuzio on Docs Express Time
3rd 17.944 $ 88.00 Alyssa Winkelman on Shine N Tag Chex
4th 18.009 $ 44.00 Haylee Ann Hurst on Miss Smokin Jay
5th 18.014 Zachary Henry on Skip A Golden Legacy
6th 18.027 Elise Prekker on Moons Larks Cash
7th 18.092 Bella Stallone on High Brow Annabelle
8th 18.143 Brynn Bates on Cherry
9th 18.211 Emily Frakes on Daisy Mae
10th 18.351 Jamacyn Rogers on Dusty
11th 18.585 Shannon Roveche on Tootsie
12th 18.683 Alexa Iskander on Ponderosa Princess
13th 18.823 Allison Frakes on Lucky Charm

4D Placings

1st 18.879 $132.00 Dannia Faulk on Milkshake
2nd 18.930 $ 99.00 Mckenzi Lee on Taz
3rd 19.653 $ 66.00 Alyssa Perinoni on Masterdual Take a Shot
4th 19.716 $ 33.00 Angelina Rosenthal on Buddy
5th 20.054 Nicole Donahoo on Easy
6th 20.559 Aika Kinemura on Martini
7th 20.568 Berkley Muth on Bunny
8th 21.501 Kaylin Williams on Blue
9th 22.046 Wynter Floyd on May
10th 23.192 Karsyn Jefferies on Blackie
11th 24.724 Bailey Blackmore on Chili
N/T 400.000 Raelyn Benadom on Carlas Gabits
N/T 400.000 Grace Benadom on Champ
N/T 400.000 Nicole Donahoo on Chicks Dig Dirty Royalt
N/T 416.064 Kayla Pugliese on High Sparked Cat
N/T 416.162 Hayden Jefferies on Chickatime
N/T 416.232 Kylie Blackmore on Page Me Im Fancy
N/T 416.316 Pfeiffer Alves on Mr. Effortless Perks
N/T 416.394 Jessica Krambeer on Miss Rock n Nonstop
N/T 416.586 Rylee Cooper on Not So Perfecto
N/T 416.596 Taylor Lamb on Green Bean
N/T 416.717 Samantha Dye on Dylans Lady Bar Tab
N/T 416.933 Nicole Donahoo on Heff
N/T 416.993 Samantha Holguin on Poco Doc Diamond B
N/T 417.047 Samantha Duran on Missy
N/T 417.577 Madison Singh on Sophie
N/T 418.185 Kylie Miler on Hashtag
N/T 419.306 Taylor Dingess on Cowboys Piece of Fame

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