2019 Saturday Open

Table 1 Jackpot in Saturday Open

Paying to 13 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 23777.00, Rider count = 373

1D Time = 15.226, Placings = 4, Pool = $ 6419.79
2D Time = 15.726, Placings = 37, Pool = $ 5706.48
3D Time = 16.226, Placings = 86, Pool = $ 4755.40
4D Time = 16.726, Placings = 75, Pool = $ 4042.09
5D Time = 17.226, Placings = 106, Pool = $ 2853.24
Not Placed = 65

1D Placings
1st 15.226 $1857.00 Shannon Clawson on Here Is The Queen
2nd 15.659 $1716.00 Wendy Platts on Frenchmans Bitof Luck
3rd 15.692 $1523.00 Kristen Weaver-Brown on JW Miz Guyded
4th 15.715 $1324.00 Daley Raze on Quick Cat Prize

2D Placings
1st 15.745 $1073.00 Nicki Cracknell on Shabang
2nd 15.754 $947.00 Michelle Silva on Samson
3rd 15.805 $776.00 Julie Martin on Hip Wrangler
4th 15.839 $599.00 Destri Devenport on Buddy Rose
5th 15.840 $462.00 Kaydin Finan on Handy Sierra TE
6th 15.861 $360.00 Shelby Swayne on VF Princess Corona
7th 15.878 $302.00 Addison Escobar on Royal Ramblin Rose
8th 15.885 $262.00 Masyn Powers on Dashin Ta Roses
9th 15.890 $240.00 Stephanie Daehne on Catch Some Reyes
10th 15.915 $205.00 Sam Carpenter on Sweet Spring Music
11th 15.923 $183.00 Wendy Platts on Guys Best Bet
12th 15.929 $154.00 Rebecca Arnold on Key Game
13th 15.937 $143.00 Fallon Arave on VF Barrel Slots
14th 15.946 Kristen Weaver-Brown on La Lucci
15th 15.962 Kaiden Ayres on My Quick Pistol
16th 15.964 Ana Howard on Amazing At Night
17th 16.005 Kim Raze on Boots
18th 16.027 Tana Castro on Renegade Flo
19th 16.031 Johnnie Rose Bray on Quik Like Nic
20th 16.059 Kelly Strohmenger on KA Peppered in Fame
21st 16.082 Natalle Donaldson on LDS Sucker Punch
22nd 16.092 Skyler Sutton on Shezapepperedbiscuit
23rd 16.104 Tana Castro on MH All D Cows
24th 16.111 Jennifer Rosenberg on Sister
25th 16.146 Ginia Koons on Ima Reddi Captain
26th 16.167 Kaiden Ayres on French Pistol
27th 16.173 Rylea Platts on JW Pitboss
28th 16.178 Rebekah Shearer on Spencer
29th 16.179 Kristen Weaver-Brown on SR Fame has Perks
30th 16.183 Allie Smith on Hole Lotta Perks
31st 16.193 Tina Denmark on Pick This One
32nd 16.196 Kathy Bankston on R.B. Kruise
33rd 16.197 Kristen Weaver-Brown on Frenchmans Sunlite
34th 16.206 Paloma Alvarado on Exclusivley Ella
35th 16.211 Denise Munson on Nip
36th 16.212 Kaiden Ayres on Shes a Brisco
37th 16.215 Jennifer Smith on Popeye

3D Placings
1st 16.231 $894.00 Madayn Batchelder on Stings River Paymate
2nd 16.254 $789.00 Cortney Morris on CnC This Jets On Fire
3rd 16.261 $647.00 Parker Asam on Fairlea Whataboutbob
4th 16.265 $499.00 Shannon Hughes on Dual n Rose
5th 16.281 $385.00 Carissa Miller on JTS Streak of Fling
6th 16.282 $300.00 Jessica Jones on Royalty In The N.U.S
7th 16.283 $252.00 Sarah Rohay on CC Cuervo
8th 16.284 $219.00 Cindy Gereaux on Shining Silver Bells
9th 16.285 $200.00 Pfeiffer Alves on David Lee Niz
10th 16.298 $171.00 Jennifer Myers on Help Wanted
11th 16.303 $152.00 Shelby Sullivan on Cashin N Chex
12th 16.304 $128.00 Courtney Walters on Catolena Ichi
13th 16.317 $119.00 Debbie Langdon on Style Secret Fuel
14th 16.327 Lexi Specchio on Louiziana Man
15th 16.331 Katie Hamann on Firen Simon
16th 16.342 Kynzington Muth on Rewind and Deal
17th 16.362 Connie Posey on Wheelin Turbolena
18th 16.363 Cheryl Malady on CR Tiny French Charger
19th 16.368 Alexis Awrey on Maggie
20th 16.372 Emily Franklin on Ima Six Zee Fame
21st 16.373 Aurora Del Villar on Don Julio
22nd 16.383 Emily Backes on A starbucks N FireRB
Tie 16.383 Masyn Powers on PacMan
24th 16.390 Ashlyn Muto on Nobilo
25th 16.392 Brooklyn Stallone on Fancy Freckles Jewel
26th 16.398 Emily Hannaford on Chasin A Firefly
27th 16.399 Amy Smith on Scatters
28th 16.403 Christina Dekoning on Bar B Boogies
29th 16.411 Gracie Beth Sutton on Millie Ana
30th 16.416 Taylor Ramirez on Ms Poka Dot
31st 16.418 Kaci Rae Kamm on High Brow Captain
Tie 16.418 Jersi Laughton on Kody
33rd 16.424 Zarina Sleflin on Jolene
34th 16.427 Stacey Hart on Dyna
35th 16.430 Winter Guesman on A Classy Stel
36th 16.432 Kieri Black on Jagger
37th 16.436 Julianna Wright on Smarty Pants
38th 16.453 Sally Ives on Olivia Pope
39th 16.459 Sammie Jo Stuart on Champagnes Fizz
40th 16.463 Cheryl Malady on Cash N Drama Olena
41st 16.466 Dana Ryan on Painted Pistol
42nd 16.475 Kathy Jo Bailey on Smokums Reinmaker
43rd 16.482 Amy Smith on Tucker
44th 16.487 Jersi Laughton on Rebound
Tie 16.487 Ruby Lightfoot on Breezin
46th 16.503 Scout Magill on Better Than Fame
47th 16.516 Denise Munson on CEO Casanova
48th 16.520 Stacey Hart on Nike
49th 16.522 Jacque Hannon on Cahin N On Fame
50th 16.524 Betsy Reynolds on Streakin Lil Diva
51st 16.533 Jamie LaFortune on Cals Whittle Dualer
52nd 16.544 Paisley Nobles on Oscar
53rd 16.547 Robyn Gorham on Sharpest Outcome
54th 16.556 Katie Bray on CP Whinnie
55th 16.572 Kayla Pugliese on Diesel
56th 16.580 Eva Casario on Easy Skeet
57th 16.584 Crystal Hale on Dashin Ta Sugar Shack
58th 16.599 Jessica Krambeer on Casnninbiankus
59th 16.605 Debbie Grulke on Sir Reminics Rembrandt
60th 16.613 Jersi Laughton on Jetta
61st 16.617 Renee Rettstatt on Angels Can Fly
62nd 16.622 Leanea Gordon on Leo’s Black Peper
63rd 16.629 Michelle Sullivan on Dash of Native
64th 16.630 Isabele Lombardi on Cinderellas Cowgirl
65th 16.642 Mkenzie Monfort on Smart Chica Zoom
66th 16.643 Madison Munson on JW Guyz Tantrum
Tie 16.643 Tammy Lowe on Kissannasweetorphan
68th 16.645 Haidyn Minick on Cowboy
69th 16.650 Tonya Burchard on Kindle Fire
Tie 16.650 Seanna Inderbieten on Pavos Salero
Tie 16.650 Jamie Witty on Streakin to be a judge
72nd 16.653 Taylor Oldham on Truck-ster
73rd 16.661 Jamie LaFortune on SL Lauras Fame
Tie 16.661 Makayla Cozatt on Bellas Blue Cloud
75th 16.662 Melanie Nicholson on Nanettes Little Nino
76th 16.663 Hannah Herman on Junior
Tie 16.663 Jeannie Malone on Doctor K
Tie 16.663 Bailey Nahrgang on JK Casses Best Win
79th 16.666 Hayden Jefferies on Lyles Dasher
80th 16.669 Sydney Webb on Dandy
81st 16.670 Madison Munson on Foolish Chicado
82nd 16.673 Jennifer Duke on Okie Dokie Time
83rd 16.689 Alexis Tache on Bullet
84th 16.700 Belinda Bates on Babelicious
85th 16.703 Cookie Scane on Betty Boop Biankus
86th 16.704 Tana Castro on Poco Lito Flo

4D Placings
1st 16.727 $760.00 Payton Askins on Harlow
2nd 16.734 $671.00 Ashley Ferguson on Bling
3rd 16.745 $550.00 Michelle Leblanc on Buggy’s Easter Bunny
4th 16.746 $424.00 Makenna Batchelder on Petey
5th 16.754 $327.00 Bree Hansen on Skipta Miss Max
6th 16.758 $255.00 Pepe Lozada on Shooter
7th 16.760 $214.00 Andrea Kilburn on Charisma
8th 16.765 $186.00 Kathy Branco on Just N Thenickoftime
9th 16.766 $170.00 Shelley Boyle on Roosters Irish Whisky
10th 16.775 $146.00 Sammy Ryan on Peps Gotta Frenchman
11th 16.792 $129.00 London Gladney on Chrome
12th 16.800 $109.00 Melissa Shomaker on JJ Packin Yawls Stones
13th 16.804 $101.00 Carolyn J Thomas on My Silent Eclipse
14th 16.820 Kandis Jeanine on Mysterious Fire
Tie 16.820 Velvet Allen on Grasshopper
16th 16.831 Ariel Hale on Dirty Starlight
17th 16.833 Sally Ives on Express It Wright
18th 16.838 Lindsey Lite on California Dreamin
19th 16.841 Sheryl Dobbs on Grape Stomper
20th 16.843 Lana Lamas Nicholson on Mr Sumthen Special
21st 16.848 Ashlyn Muto on Reggie
22nd 16.859 Duetta Wasson on Hemi
23rd 16.865 Jacy Epperson on Teias Grand Priss
24th 16.880 Emily Gravatt on Spice Girl
25th 16.885 Jennifer Jungkunz on Boes Last Etta
26th 16.889 Ashley Ferguson on Joker
27th 16.914 Chyan Jarnagin on Heart of a Deviled Women
28th 16.917 Lily-Ann Sjem on Jewels Swift Credit
29th 16.920 Jamie Snyder on Streakinskippinbaybe
30th 16.926 Jennifer Jungkunz on Impress This Fella
31st 16.934 Michelle Silva on Dalila
32nd 16.951 Kristen Weaver-Brown on These Kisses Are Hot
33rd 16.954 Ashley Earick on Cowgirl Countess
34th 16.964 Sydney Jones on Fly By Frosty Baron
35th 16.967 Ruby Robbins on Legends Jr Miss
36th 16.974 Allison Hallam on Fireball
37th 16.975 Ashley Witty on Cookie
38th 16.977 Brianna Leslie on Flash To The Moon
Tie 16.977 Virginia McClintock on Lucky
40th 16.980 Jessica Jones on HJF Oaks Starlight
Tie 16.980 Merlin Jackson on Joaks Bold Bug
42nd 16.997 Allie Smith on No Hole Laurie
43rd 17.001 Lily-Ann Sjem on Lotus
44th 17.002 Morgan Rodenberg on Streaker
45th 17.009 Mary Maxwell on Olaf
46th 17.013 Lane York on Dun it
47th 17.015 Dora Denning on Gypsy Roan N Cooke
48th 17.033 Teagan Gorham on Whiskey
49th 17.050 Robyn Morgan on Toby
50th 17.052 Rylee Cooper on Just Plain Oops
51st 17.068 Annette Turner on LL Go Dan Bar
52nd 17.071 Shelby Joice on Lectronic Boomerang
53rd 17.072 Kaleb McTygue on Big Shines Image
54th 17.087 Faith Moran on Saramas trouble
55th 17.091 Raven Araujo on Heyu Fiz Doll
56th 17.098 Robin Cary on Heza Splash A Dash
57th 17.125 Kaleb McTygue on Pride of Paso
58th 17.128 Avary Neuman on Champagne
59th 17.131 Mindy Jeffries on A Dazzling Roo
60th 17.134 Corey Evans on Jack Back In Town
61st 17.136 Dana Luther on Dugan
62nd 17.141 Kristen Weaver-Brown on TheDarkSideOfTheMoon
63rd 17.145 Madison Walsh on Paige
64th 17.155 Jessica Townsend on I CD Cat
65th 17.161 Kaylee Viconda on Cali
66th 17.167 Mitch Honig on Bubby
67th 17.168 Caleigh Copeland on Gracie is Amazing Dash
Tie 17.168 Barbara Arrendondo on Milkshake
Tie 17.168 Lennie Meyer on Eli
70th 17.174 Jessica Gravatt on Hawk
71st 17.180 Madeline Fox on Sadie
72nd 17.190 Ruby Lightfoot on Freckles
73rd 17.200 Cambria Pitts on Fame
74th 17.206 Samantha Hornberger on Washakie Just Tru
75th 17.225 Kylee Gower on TRS Easy Dash

5D Placings
1st 17.230 $536.00 Bonnie Christian on BLJ Shawnee Creek
2nd 17.239 $474.00 Laura Enborg on Oops Ima PI
3rd 17.241 $388.00 Ruby Lightfoot on Rockstar
4th 17.248 $300.00 Paola Pontanari on Angel Top Surprise
5th 17.249 $231.00 Angela McWhirter on JR Streaking swagger
6th 17.259 $165.00 Taylor Barnett on Who Dat Kat
Tie 17.259 $165.00 Jennifer Rosenberg on Beau
8th 17.261 $131.00 Audrey Morton on Maddie
9th 17.265 $120.00 Jennifer Brown on Runaway Leo
10th 17.267 $103.00 Kendall Webb on Chevy
11th 17.278 $ 91.00 Bella Pate on Java
12th 17.282 $ 77.00 Barbara Boltinghouse on Creed Warrior
13th 17.287 $ 71.00 Donna DeGenaro on One Luv N Cash
14th 17.295 Chelsea Smith on Little Red Boonlight
15th 17.329 Brandi Ramirez on Pringo Peppy Bar mount
16th 17.334 Joeve Storman on Jax
17th 17.348 Taylor Graff on Coats Sunfrost Flys
18th 17.355 Linda Travis on Frosted My Glass
19th 17.357 Kate Herrera on Just Up High
20th 17.358 Jackie Healy on Putty Cat
21st 17.367 Rachel Owens-Sarno on Biscuits
Tie 17.367 Riya Uppal on DB Peppy Little Pistol
23rd 17.371 Jennifer Rose on Jimmy Jaam Cash
24th 17.399 Julie Lane on Little Pine Fire
25th 17.406 Peyton Russell on Bella Bea Bully
26th 17.424 Zachary Henry on Stoli Martini
27th 17.429 Bella Stallone on High Brow Annabelle
28th 17.441 JoJo Hagerstrom on Smoken Boons Hot Cat
29th 17.442 David Renier on YU Special Mister Paddy
30th 17.447 Scout Magill on Zippity
31st 17.463 Stella Miles on Dial Mea Nu Lady
32nd 17.470 Velvet Allen on Halo
33rd 17.482 Destri Devenport on Frenchmans Gold Moon
34th 17.486 Tori Ramirez on Wright On Scarlett
35th 17.490 Cyndi Pais on Tuckers French Twist
36th 17.551 Rachel Ward on CR Okies Be Tuff
37th 17.564 Laurie Dye on Tender Atina
38th 17.568 Carlee Webb on Joker
39th 17.598 Macey Fredrickson on TF Starlit Montana
40th 17.623 Karen Tusler on Elliedoc
41st 17.654 Britany Davis on Frenchmanscashhayday
42nd 17.659 Michelle DeVries on Ebar Hornitos Pep
43rd 17.670 Christina Dekoning on Whinnie
44th 17.674 Ella Hale on Percentage of Gold
45th 17.722 Chelsea Bicknell on A Star Ta Fame
46th 17.731 Cassie Howell on CR Dynastia Fame
47th 17.757 Emily Backes on Dixies Silver Dollar
48th 17.764 Tali Manthey on French Beignets
49th 17.765 Sandra Bennett on Cosmos Flo Josie
50th 17.772 Rebecca Larkin on You And Me at Midnite
51st 17.815 Mitch Honig on Rambler
52nd 17.850 Bliss Bates on Mp Ima Thriftwood
53rd 17.875 Serena Contreras on Leggy Lana
54th 17.889 Olivia Verbeek on Peanut
55th 17.890 Tawnya Masse on CT Midnight Dash
56th 17.897 Barbara Patton on Little Strait Diamond
57th 17.944 Alyssa Winkelman on Shine N Tag Chex
58th 17.961 Britney Edwards on Turk
59th 18.014 Zachary Henry on Skip A Golden Legacy
60th 18.027 Elise Prekker on Moons Larks Cash
61st 18.072 Wynter Floyd on Lacey
62nd 18.095 Brittany Miller on Smooth Jet Ta Fame
63rd 18.143 Brynn Bates on Cherry
64th 18.156 Kimberly Foy on I Am Groot
65th 18.174 Brandi Ramirez on Zippos Mighty Peppy
66th 18.211 Emily Frakes on Daisy Mae
67th 18.214 Emily Lepone on Drift’n Lika Boss
68th 18.409 Pepe Lozada on This Captains Klause
69th 18.411 Britney Edwards on Kn Special Bear
70th 18.414 Nancy Mclntyre on Sassy
71st 18.443 Makenna Batchelder on RCY Jack Beeper
72nd 18.458 Lauren Herron on Frenchmannotharlan
73rd 18.475 Yadira Gilbert on Senorita
74th 18.543 Gay Boyd on Smart Little Bug
75th 18.585 Shannon Roveche on Tootsie
76th 18.620 Kim Martin on Sharlata Gold
77th 18.683 Alexa Iskander on Ponderosa Princess
78th 18.823 Allison Frakes on Lucky Charm
79th 18.827 Breanna Mills on Casper
80th 18.847 Selena Roberts on Rockstar Perks
81st 18.939 Jamacyn Rogers on Dusty
82nd 18.965 Mollie McTeggart on Cajuns Indigo
83rd 19.001 Sydney Najduch on One Smart Investor
84th 19.014 Letitia Peterson on Dox Haidas Star
85th 19.443 Carissa Miller on Siblas Secret
86th 19.524 Sherri Kastilahn on Jessies Red Peppy
87th 19.653 Alyssa Perinoni on Masterdual Take a Shot
88th 19.681 Ashley McDonald on Bentley
89th 19.719 Wanda Walterscheid on Miss Wake up Corona
90th 19.729 Esther Dorr on Leroy
91st 20.054 Nicole Donahoo on Easy
92nd 20.061 Shana Rosencrans on Remedys Valentine
93rd 20.417 Kylee Gower on Reds Pistol Annie
94th 20.457 Carri Wilson on Wheelin It
95th 20.544 Emily Franklin on My Moonlight Special
96th 20.559 Aika Kinemura on Martini
97th 20.926 Haylee Ann Hurst on Miss Smokin Jay
98th 21.066 Anne Maxwell on Omaha
99th 21.363 Kylie Blackmore on Zoe
100th 21.499 Kasey Gower on Blue
101st 22.813 Mckenzi Lee on Taz
102nd 25.198 Becky Rondoni on Mustang Chubbs
103rd 26.317 Alli Johnson on Katolena Chex
104th 29.584 Riley Mcelmurry on JJ
105th 34.754 Tracy Thomas on Daisy Mae
106th 82.527 Missy Spurr on Hustler
N/T 400.000 Bailey Nahrgang on Charlie Lion
SCR 400.000 Destri Devenport on Interstate Forty
N/T 400.000 Cindy Thomas on Cutters Lil Image
N/T 400.000 Amber Bustamante on Streakin OMG
N/T 400.000 Shyla Finan on Larado Wyominey
N/T 400.000 Lauren Herron on Spanish Starlight Girl
N/T 400.000 Bliss Bates on Secret Service Gal
N/T 400.000 Michelle Heredia on Sepidinero
SCR 400.000 Jessica Fenstermaker on TrueGrit
N/T 400.000 Charleen Ornellas on Famous Red Roses
N/T 400.000 Nicole Donahoo on Chicks Dig Dirty Royalty
N/T 415.689 Kelli Kamm on SRQH Smoothlikejack
N/T 415.781 Virginia McClintock on Nita Smokes
N/T 415.917 Danielle Prather on Caught Me Shakin
N/T 416.064 Kayla Pugliese on High Sparked Cat
N/T 416.086 Robin Reeh on Smoken Hot Cat
N/T 416.098 Rio Clawson on Nathan
N/T 416.102 Rylea Platts on JW Frenchmanicure
N/T 416.153 Wendy Platts on Frenchman Firestar
N/T 416.207 Gillian Mullican on Famous Frost O’lena

2:33 PM 10/30/19 Barrel Race America, Version 12.7 Page 8
Table 1 Jackpot in Saturday Open

N/T 416.264 Shelby Swayne on In A Lane of Her Own
N/T 416.299 Shelby Sullivan on Beats My Fancy
N/T 416.312 Lane York on Dashit Zipit Dialit
N/T 416.316 Pfeiffer Alves on Mr. Effortless Perks
N/T 416.394 Jessica Krambeer on Miss Rock n Nonstop
N/T 416.429 Jamie LaFortune on Razzle Dazzle Tafame
N/T 416.429 Amy Smith on Kate
N/T 416.483 Chloe Copeland on Regal Moons
N/T 416.495 Gillian Mullican on ICU 4 Socks
N/T 416.549 Kylie Parcell on AOK French Kiss
N/T 416.555 Danielle Prather on Max Cee Cat
N/T 416.558 Brigette Mickels on Coyotes Backdraft
N/T 416.586 Rylee Cooper on Not So Perfecto
N/T 416.609 Sarah Gorospe on VF Redhot Frosty
N/T 416.632 Hayden Jefferies on Chickatime
N/T 416.639 Kylie Francisco on Hashtag
N/T 416.731 Lauren Irwin on Finn
N/T 416.760 Samantha Dye on Dylans Lady Bar Tab
N/T 416.776 Rio Clawson on Champ
N/T 416.849 Kylie Blackmore on Page Me Im Fancy
N/T 416.867 Toni Miller on Jess Sweetness
N/T 416.919 Taylor Lamb on Green Bean
N/T 416.933 Nicole Donahoo on Heff
N/T 416.972 Kelly Mayhew on Heats Hope
N/T 416.974 Danielle Leskin on Silver Pistoletta
N/T 416.993 Samantha Holguin on Poco Doc Diamond B
N/T 417.037 Sharon Edstrom on Streaking Whiskey
N/T 417.047 Samantha Duran on Missy
N/T 417.099 Bailey Nahrgang on Dusty Be Dashin
N/T 417.261 Amanda Zaritsky on RK Fancy Blue Force
N/T 417.291 Rylea Platts on Guyz Smooth Amber
N/T 417.327 Sam Carpenter on TK Flynn Firewater
N/T 417.439 Lola Denmark on Pedlars Way
N/T 417.503 Jan Evanson on Shining Ta Fame
N/T 417.564 Shellie Norton on Jodies Hickory
N/T 417.577 Madison Singh on Sophie
N/T 417.585 Liz Pino on Nike
N/T 417.690 Tracey Scott on Swamp Dragon
N/T 417.713 Jennifer Dingess on Hollywoods Barbiedoll
N/T 418.143 Meghan Thiem on MP Last Lover
N/T 418.460 Ashley Herron on Cat
N/T 418.504 Gay Boyd on Cowboys Blue Kitten
N/T 420.263 Kelly Strohmenger on Charlie
N/T 424.396 Corey Evans on Shot to the Heart
N/T 424.892 Amber Bustamante on Fishermans Wharf

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