2017 Youth Average

ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Youth Average

Paying to 4 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 0.00, Rider count = 73

1D Time = 32.000, Placings = 24, Pool = $ 0.00
2D Time = 34.000, Placings = 19, Pool = $ 0.00
3D Time = 36.000, Placings = 7, Pool = $ 0.00
4D Time = 38.000, Placings = 3, Pool = $ 0.00
Not Placed = 20

1D Placings
1st 32.000 Payton Bladow on Docs Lena Rey
2nd 32.166 Kylie Blackmore on Page Me Im Fancy
3rd 32.170 Maddy Munson on Secret
4th 32.251 Payton Bladow on Quick Like Nic
5th 32.332 Heaven Perez on Bar Hobbys Doc
6th 32.400 Daley Raze on Boots
7th 32.475 Jessica Krambeer on Casnninbiankus
8th 32.595 Kaydin Finan on Dillon
9th 32.633 Masyn Powers on Gracie
10th 32.745 Sydney Vodicka on Magic
11th 32.784 Hayden Jefferies on Lyles Dasher
12th 32.786 Samantha Hornberger on Washakie Just Tru
13th 32.847 Taylor Lamb on Bing
14th 32.996 Payton Lopez on KN Dig This
15th 33.247 Rylee Cooper on Not So Perfecto
16th 33.292 Ashlyn Muto on Reggie
17th 33.293 Paisley Nobles on Lexi
18th 33.296 Skyler Sutton on Shezapepperedbiscuit
19th 33.327 Jersi Laughton on Felix
20th 33.582 Kayla Pugliese on Don’t Get It Twisted
21st 33.813 Tori Ramirez on Wright On Scarlett
22nd 33.870 Ashley Fairhurst on Sinder
23rd 33.923 Jaden Usher on Hick
24th 33.953 Madison Menville on Captain

2D Placings
1st 34.045 Elise Prekker on Luna
2nd 34.138 Reyna Johnson on Bo
3rd 34.158 Enastele Colwell on Jack
4th 34.321 Brooke Hayes on MT Box of Dreams
5th 34.464 Lynlee Crist on Dixie
6th 34.482 Samantha Dye on Dylans Lady Bar Tab
7th 34.686 Kaylee Viconda on Penny
8th 34.695 April Flook on Falcons Montana Jet
9th 34.809 Kate Herrera on Cowboy
10th 35.080 Payton Bladow on Codys Little Chrissy
11th 35.122 Zachary Henry on Skip A Golden Legacy
12th 35.187 Emily Frakes on Biggie
13th 35.226 Nathan Dye on Tender Atina
14th 35.278 Kylie Blackmore on Aint Dun Yet
15th 35.407 JoJo Hagerstrom on Smoken Boons Hot Cat
16th 35.432 Sydney Vodicka on Money
17th 35.543 Kylie Blackmore on Hardly Jettin
18th 35.563 Laney DeNuzio on Bentley
19th 35.584 Mackenzie Lee on Gonna Get Lucky

3D Placings
1st 36.070 Rendi Williams on Buggs
2nd 36.156 Mollie McTeggart on Cajuns Indigo
3rd 36.606 Olivia Verbeck on Peanut
4th 36.715 Hailey Hagerstrom on Journey
5th 37.226 Breanna Mills on Casper
6th 37.880 Madison Walsh on Cash Money
7th 37.930 Isabella Pate on Little Miss Pony Power

4D Placings
1st 38.182 Alyssa Winkelman on Gator
2nd 39.558 Johnnie Rose Bray on Sorry-OJS Creekwood
3rd 40.513 Makenna Vargas on Smiley Peach
N/T 999.999 Jaden Usher on Frog Hollow Bacardi
N/T 999.999 Samantha Hornberger on Favorite fling
N/T 999.999 Masyn Powers on Pewee
N/T 1015.831 Jessica Krambeer on Miss Rock n Nonstop
N/T 1015.881 Faith Furrow on Fames Easy Jetolena
N/T 1016.276 Enastele Colwell on Whiskey
N/T 1016.456 Eryn Warren on Dakota
N/T 1016.528 Sammie jo Stuart on Champagnes Fizz
N/T 1016.534 Masyn Powers on Dashin Ta Roses
N/T 1016.608 Gwen Culp on Waddle Doodle
N/T 1016.653 Masyn Powers on PacMan
N/T 1016.683 Skyler Sutton on Rio Crime
N/T 1016.943 Rylee Cooper on SHR Brandywine Drummer
N/T 1017.110 Melanie Nicholson on Nanettes Little Nino
N/T 1017.144 Savannah Densmore on Decker
N/T 1017.419 London Gladney on Duel N Jalenpenos
N/T 1017.687 Jackie Harris on Special Moon Effort
N/T 1017.723 Jersi Laughton on Lotto
N/T 1018.351 Luke Martin on Fresnos Hot N Dry
N/T 1999.998 Rylie Lisseback on Java

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