2016 Saturday Open Results

NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open

Paying to 15 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 25394.00, Rider count = 406

1D Time = 15.514, Placings = 15, Pool = $ 6348.50
2D Time = 16.014, Placings = 68, Pool = $ 5840.62
3D Time = 16.514, Placings = 93, Pool = $ 5078.80
4D Time = 17.014, Placings = 63, Pool = $ 4570.92
5D Time = 17.514, Placings = 93, Pool = $ 3555.16
Not Placed = 74

1D Placings
1st 15.514 $1143.00 Sydni Blanchard on Famous Heartbreaker
2nd 15.589 $1016.00 Kathy Petska on Jeffrey
3rd 15.713 $825.00 Cheyenne Lindsey on Marc West
4th 15.715 $635.00 Kari Brough on Frosted Shares
5th 15.764 $476.00 Sami Jo Morisoli on MS Smart Starlight
6th 15.837 $381.00 Sydni Blanchard on First Flash Fire
7th 15.875 $317.00 Taylor Anne Sanchez on Kelley Dot Down
8th 15.917 $286.00 Jamie Sweat on Carlyo Colt
9th 15.933 $254.00 Sydni Blanchard on Frenchie
10th 15.955 $222.00 Marlene McRae on Frenchman Came A Callin
11th 15.962 $181.00 Debbie Langdon on Azure Smokin Boots
Tie 15.962 $181.00 Seanna Inderbieten on Pavos Salero
13th 15.974 $159.00 Emily Hannaford on Hollywood Heatwave
14th 15.981 $146.00 Rio Clawson on Nathan
15th 16.005 $127.00 Sami Jo Morisoli on CM Legacy

2D Placings
1st 16.026 $1051.00 Marcia Fuller on Frosty Peppy Playboy
2nd 16.044 $934.00 Audra McFarlane on I’ll Be Famous
3rd 16.054 $759.00 Kelly Strohmenger on KA Peppered in Fame
4th 16.087 $584.00 Holly Irish on Jane
5th 16.093 $438.00 Kelly Strohmenger on JS Frenchmans Fame
6th 16.101 $350.00 Amanda Radford on Firewater Fooler
7th 16.117 $292.00 Cammy Estep on Jackey
8th 16.125 $263.00 Riki Remhart on Miss Dash N Go
9th 16.129 $234.00 Shannon Clawson on Here Is The Queen
10th 16.131 $204.00 Rylee Cooper on Not So Perfecto
11th 16.140 $166.00 Tina Denmark on Pick This One
Tie 16.140 $166.00 Tana Castro on Renegade Flo
13th 16.146 $146.00 Shelby Scott on BHU Classy Biankus
14th 16.159 $134.00 Jamie Stone on Pork Chop
15th 16.165 $117.00 Katie McCaslan on FM Fame On Wheels
16th 16.176 Masyn Powers on Lil Guys Syndrome
17th 16.184 Karlie Boles on Gin N Juice
18th 16.199 Masyn Powers on Dashin Ta Roses
19th 16.207 Dee Reap on La Jollas Pot Of Gold

12:07 PM 10/10/16 Barrel Race America, Version 12.3 Page 2
NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open

20th 16.208 Kaci Shaffer on Nugget
21st 16.219 Taylor Rivera on BJS Fols Regal Honor
22nd 16.232 Sarah Sjem on LNC Playboy
23rd 16.248 Patty Harrison on Doc’s Two Eyed Dream
24th 16.249 Erin King on Elvis
25th 16.250 Kelly Strohmenger on Kalickety Split
26th 16.256 Belinda Bates on Dream To Shake
27th 16.258 Hayley Campbell on Royal Flight Ta Fame
28th 16.283 Madison Gibson on Nic Un Dunnit
29th 16.292 Caitlin Koss on Cruise N Kinda Guy
Tie 16.292 Christy Burleson on Peps Smokin for Cash
Tie 16.292 Kathy Vasquez on Cool Ta Fame
32nd 16.295 Payton Bladow on Quick Like Nic
33rd 16.318 Denise Munson on RW Frenchmans Tantrum
34th 16.320 Allie Hamner-Howard on Bushwackin Cat
35th 16.322 Lynlee Crist on Diamond
36th 16.325 Shayna Hooker on Gambling With Fire
37th 16.330 Elizabeth Bixby on Faith
38th 16.333 Maddy Munson on Secret
39th 16.334 Brooke Gulley on Pumpkin
Tie 16.334 Susan Mcwhorter on PCR Can Peppy (Red)
41st 16.341 Debbie Langdon on Kipus Cash Doll
42nd 16.373 Annette Leach on LL Cimarron
43rd 16.377 Heather Eckman on Piper
44th 16.382 Bliss Bates on PF Down N Dirty
45th 16.385 Nadya Crain on Peekachoo
46th 16.386 Payton Lopez on Baily
47th 16.392 Patty Harrison on Tinsel Touche
48th 16.400 Shyla Finan on King DocBar Dillon
Tie 16.400 Samantha Hornberger on Washakie Just Tru
50th 16.401 Karlie Boles on Kiss My Lexus
51st 16.406 Erin King on Lady
52nd 16.410 Candice Chintas on Blazin Jesse
53rd 16.413 Jennifer Brown on Solar Sixth
54th 16.425 Kristen Weaver-Brown on Kalik
55th 16.431 Karlee Wesney on Somegirls Got It All
56th 16.440 Missy Tuck on Dusty Be Dashin
57th 16.443 Melanie Jaegers on Jerry’s Tapped Off
58th 16.449 Jasmine Perez on Tink Tink
59th 16.451 Kaitlyn Absatz on Lil Ruff Shiner
60th 16.454 Virginia McClintock on Nip it Now
Tie 16.454 Jenna Colamartino on Guns Smoke Savannah
62nd 16.458 Addison Couts on Larry
63rd 16.460 Cooper Wills on Doc La Money
64th 16.464 Carie Olson on Emmazure Dandy
65th 16.481 Ginia Koons on Rock It Wrangler
66th 16.490 Leah Baize on Nicks Star Player
67th 16.492 Brittani Brookshire on Styles
68th 16.496 Robin Ortiz on Macy

3D Placings

12:07 PM 10/10/16 Barrel Race America, Version 12.3 Page 3
NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open

1st 16.516 $914.00 Shannon Hughes on Busy
2nd 16.518 $813.00 Jamie LaFortune on Dually
3rd 16.521 $660.00 Carolyn Thomas on My Silent Eclipse
4th 16.526 $508.00 Julie Strickland on Two Timin Frenchman
5th 16.529 $381.00 Tana Castro on MH All D Cows
6th 16.533 $305.00 Amanda Radford on Shaken Up Pat
7th 16.536 $254.00 Shea McIntosh on Hot Sauce
8th 16.538 $229.00 Erin King on Rio
9th 16.545 $203.00 Rebecca Arnold on Key Game
10th 16.546 $178.00 Jessica Krambeer on Radar
11th 16.548 $152.00 Shannon Clawson on Money Maker
12th 16.560 $137.00 Renee Rettstatt on Angels Can Fly
13th 16.567 $127.00 Faith Furrow on Fames Easy Jetolena
14th 16.581 $117.00 Missi Reymore on Just Plain Brooksi
15th 16.582 $102.00 Ashlyn Muto on Reggie
16th 16.584 Taylor Rivera on Tubby Tivio
17th 16.588 Kate Dennish on FQH Sun Dry
18th 16.593 Riley Mcelmurry on JJ
19th 16.600 Billie Jackson on Rio
20th 16.612 Kaitlyn Absatz on Smoken Frenchman
21st 16.620 Kathy Bankston on R.B. Kruise
Tie 16.620 Margie Decarlo on Rebs Kustom
23rd 16.621 Melanie Miller on Major Dinner Flight
24th 16.624 Sydney Jacob on Viper
25th 16.627 Kaitlyn Absatz on Tazzy
26th 16.633 Scout Magill on Zippity
27th 16.645 Presley Scalzo on Rowdy
28th 16.652 Winter Guesman on Jewel
29th 16.663 Kaleb McTygue on Design Me Gold
30th 16.689 Heather Gibson on Dragons Honor
31st 16.691 Sonya Farrell on Lenas Catina
32nd 16.701 Ladonna Silva on Bella Frosty Treasure
Tie 16.701 Seanna Inderbieten on Silver Isle Breeze
34th 16.702 Rebecca Preast on Magic Touch of Frost
35th 16.711 Rick Manucy on Miss Rock N Nonstop
Tie 16.711 Curtis Fitzgerald on Rock Heart Red
37th 16.713 Brina McAmis on Goldmine Boy
38th 16.717 Robin Butler on Cowboy Catcher
39th 16.738 Denise Munson on Ima Dyna
40th 16.742 Erin King on Scoop
41st 16.748 Brenda Slocumb on Shiners Lita Lou
42nd 16.750 Jasmine Perez on Bar Hobbys Doc
43rd 16.754 Merlin Jackson on Joaks Bold Bug
44th 16.770 Payton Lopez on KN Dig This
45th 16.771 Kaleb McTygue on Rattle de Chimes
46th 16.774 Cammy Estep on Terrianns Sparkle
47th 16.786 Masyn Powers on Lucky Lenas Charge
48th 16.801 Jordan Mevius on Sheza Country Q Dee
49th 16.804 Emily Hannaford on Sparks Flyer
50th 16.807 McKayla Brown on Travelin Chic Olena

12:07 PM 10/10/16 Barrel Race America, Version 12.3 Page 4
NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open

51st 16.814 Amanda Holden on Ima Ramblin Rocket
52nd 16.816 Sarah Sjem on Jewels Swift Credit
53rd 16.819 Alisha Perret on I Wish I Were A Star
54th 16.823 Haley Griffith on Story
55th 16.829 Pepe Lozada on Shooter
56th 16.835 Payton Scalzo on Vegas Millionheir
57th 16.841 Jordyn Jara on JMP Fancy Dancer
58th 16.844 Karlee Wesney on Flitterrific
59th 16.847 Melissa Shomaker on JJ Packin Yawls Stones
Tie 16.847 Caitlyn Owen on Dugan
61st 16.853 Lauren Dean on Specials Roo
62nd 16.856 Christina Swan on Bay Traffic
63rd 16.864 Christine Bennett on Dragons Easy Money
64th 16.878 Lacie Liska on Senorita
65th 16.880 Larry Smith on Sooner
66th 16.897 Sandy Arave on Sharpest Outcome
67th 16.907 Laura Enborg on Forest
68th 16.913 Robin Cary on Splash
69th 16.922 Amber Bustamante on Streakin OMG
70th 16.927 Missy Buchanan on Go and Rule
71st 16.928 Brynn Dahlberg on Special Cord
72nd 16.932 Carie Olson on Operation Cash
73rd 16.944 Katie McCaslan on A Smooth Cutie
Tie 16.944 Shelley Morgan on Hot Shot Hickory”Peppy”
75th 16.946 Cindy Geraux on Shining Silver Bells
76th 16.947 Brittanie Richards on Perk Me Blue
Tie 16.947 Emily Backes on Bean
Tie 16.947 Billie Jackson on Two Box Bronsin
79th 16.948 Kimberly Gora on Double D Money
80th 16.949 Charlene Guardamondo on Smooth Pep Uno
81st 16.950 Kaydin Finan on Valentin
82nd 16.957 Taylor Wysong on LL Freckles Shine
83rd 16.959 Jamie Sweat on Super Star
84th 16.962 Aurora Del Villar on Don Julio
85th 16.963 Mikayla Carlson on Blurred Judgement
86th 16.964 Bailee Williams on Bosco
87th 16.976 Merlin Jackson on Gold Nuggets Rane
88th 16.983 Sharon Edstrom on Sliders Joker
89th 16.994 Lisa Wernli on Flashs Fine Effort
90th 17.000 Carissa Miller on Misties Western Star
91st 17.007 Jamie Snyder on Streakinskippinbaybe
92nd 17.012 Susie Hochstrat on Cinders Prince
93rd 17.013 Connie Posey on Wheelin Turbolena

4D Placings
1st 17.025 $823.00 Brigette Mickels on Coyotes Backdraft
2nd 17.027 $731.00 David Renier on Fly Hi Jet
3rd 17.029 $594.00 Corey Simpson on Pistol
4th 17.045 $457.00 Julie Martindale on JRT Cash N Top Moon
5th 17.046 $343.00 Allie Hamner-Howard on Superfly

12:07 PM 10/10/16 Barrel Race America, Version 12.3 Page 5
NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open

6th 17.052 $274.00 Lanai Wagner on Kisses
7th 17.060 $229.00 Kieri Black on Catty Del Rojo
8th 17.073 $206.00 Miranda Fullbright on Smart Whittle Peppy
9th 17.079 $183.00 Charlene Howell on Dazzle Jess
10th 17.090 $160.00 Masyn Powers on Coats Sunfrost Fly
11th 17.091 $137.00 Taylor Rivera on Vince
12th 17.109 $123.00 Jamie Stone on Caddi
13th 17.125 $114.00 Sara Jackson on Quick and Shiney
14th 17.127 $105.00 Nicole Wood on Colonels Tinkerbelle
15th 17.140 $ 91.00 Emily Hannaford on Judge Hayes
16th 17.143 MJ Malone on Vargas Baby Dream
17th 17.145 Teri Sweet on Awesome
18th 17.160 Leslie Ippoliti on Sienna
19th 17.166 Barbara Patton on Little Strait Diamond
20th 17.169 Toni Miller on JLC Prissy
21st 17.175 Stephanie Langdon on Minnie
22nd 17.181 Kelli Heidt on Sugar Daddys Lassie
23rd 17.203 Hayley Melton on Pride of Paso
24th 17.212 Jenet Haley on Limit The Streakin
25th 17.214 Mikayla Carlson on Cruzin Dually
26th 17.224 Sheryl Dobbs on Juice
Tie 17.224 Robyn Hooker on Sprat
28th 17.236 Sandra Crist on Bueno River Run
29th 17.251 Rachel Pagan on Reckless
30th 17.278 Stephanie Daehne on Catch Some Reyes
31st 17.279 Jade Larson on Roni
32nd 17.288 Shay Reymore on Time To Zip My Zevis
33rd 17.297 Rendi Williams on Buggs
34th 17.305 Tenisha Masiel on Rasta
35th 17.310 Jesselyn Engler on Chase
36th 17.311 Terri Hodge on Cindy Boonlight
37th 17.316 Zachary Henry on Skip A Golden Legacy
38th 17.323 Laney DeNuzio on Cherry
39th 17.327 Michelle DeVries on Ebar Hornitos Pep
Tie 17.327 Denise Courville on Breeze N Dash
41st 17.328 Andrea Faustina on Okies Dream Ta Fame
42nd 17.335 Tessora Bustillos on Iris
43rd 17.336 Penny Murphy on Zeldas Shining Gun
44th 17.339 Tana Castro on Colema Flo
45th 17.347 Rachel Farthing on Gonna Get Lucky
Tie 17.347 Kaleb McTygue on Special Cheyenne
47th 17.348 Lauren Herron on QuickWay Miss
48th 17.354 Karlee Wesney on Promising a Good Time
49th 17.369 Anneke Dobbe on Smarty C Starlight
50th 17.387 Jersi Laughton on Felix
51st 17.395 Shyla Finan on Cookie
52nd 17.403 Lauren Westeyn on Gizmo
53rd 17.413 Jamie Sweat on Dark Red Money
54th 17.420 Donna Degenero on May Dial Fame
55th 17.425 Ana Howard on Amazing At Night

12:07 PM 10/10/16 Barrel Race America, Version 12.3 Page 6
NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open

56th 17.437 Terri Eakins on Glory B
57th 17.453 Julie Lane on Little Pine Fire
58th 17.456 Miranda Fullbright on Lucy Lightning
59th 17.465 Jessica Krambeer on Tinkerbell
60th 17.478 Cindy Waldhauser on Angel
61st 17.502 Susie Rush on Jonsey
62nd 17.505 Ashley Henderson on Spots Illustrated
63rd 17.507 Faith Furrow on Astro

5D Placings
1st 17.516 $640.00 Scout Magill on Jet
2nd 17.522 $569.00 Samantha Mullenix on On Cay Lets Duel
3rd 17.541 $409.00 Rio Clawson on Van
Tie 17.541 $409.00 Nathan Dye on Tender Atina
5th 17.552 $267.00 Julieann Lee on Bling Cha Bling
6th 17.553 $213.00 Bobbi Kushner on Butter
7th 17.555 $178.00 Amanda Warren on Dakota
8th 17.565 $160.00 Ariane Kuhnert on AOK Tattooed Hero
9th 17.583 $142.00 Bianca Marcy on TH ReallyDude
10th 17.591 $124.00 David Renier on Eli
11th 17.619 $101.00 Dottie Pierce on Charger
Tie 17.619 $101.00 Curtis Fitzgerald on Fire Efortlesly Shiek
13th 17.646 $ 89.00 Christina Bernal on Ole Tuff Zipper
14th 17.667 $ 82.00 Jojo Kingsland on Moon Struck Luck
15th 17.674 $ 71.00 Evie Wouters on Jess A Strawberry
16th 17.677 Laney DeNuzio on Vegas
17th 17.692 Victoria Necas on Sheza Lady
18th 17.694 Madison Menville on Captain
19th 17.703 Caitlin Koss on Reine De La Lune
20th 17.791 Andrea Faustina on GR Adorabully
21st 17.807 Kylie Clower on Shine N Seek
22nd 17.832 Michelle Anderson-Saunders on Ace
23rd 17.836 Tracey Scott on Bullitt
24th 17.842 Toni Miller on Fueled By Fury
25th 17.851 Charlotte Frye on Brawley
26th 17.875 Shea McIntosh on Benny
27th 17.879 Sue Brown on Brown Easter Bunny
28th 17.881 Luke Martin on Fresnos Hot N Dry
29th 17.890 Britney Latimer on Cody Rey
30th 17.899 Courtney Keiser on Spirit
31st 17.929 Rebecca Kay on Badger
32nd 17.944 Christine Bennett on HB Stylin
33rd 17.960 Linda Travis on KRS Jacks Poco Dude
34th 17.963 Kristy Gibbs on Watch Me Fly
35th 17.978 Charlie Thompson on Tiny
36th 17.999 Robin Cary on Chicks Beduinolena
37th 18.010 Eryn Warren on Id Be Tough
38th 18.013 Corey Evans on Hottie
39th 18.014 Joni Martin on Quiken Special
40th 18.045 Madeline Kingsland on TR Bugged Me Smooth

12:07 PM 10/10/16 Barrel Race America, Version 12.3 Page 7
NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open

41st 18.060 Jamie Sweat on Knock Out Advantage
42nd 18.066 Jennifer Schooler on Buffy
43rd 18.075 Tilly Jenski on Babie Rey
44th 18.087 Pam Shaw on Thor
45th 18.090 Cooper Wills on Copper Locks
46th 18.119 Melissa Perez on Docs Sun of Sam
47th 18.134 Jodi Clark on Bee Doc Frost
48th 18.153 Kim Martin on Blackstar Ruby
49th 18.159 Darla Frye on Tuff Ta Ram A Dodge
50th 18.162 Cookie Scane on Curly Sue
51st 18.193 Ramon Gomez on Doc Hollywood Frost
52nd 18.256 Kylee Gower on Miss Dolly
53rd 18.294 Elva Hinojosa on Dually
54th 18.340 Rhoda Richardson on Chopsticks
55th 18.349 Chantal Moore on KVS Imamidnitecharge
56th 18.400 Duetta Langevin on Hemi
Tie 18.400 Emma Kathcart on JoaksOtoe Pine
58th 18.403 Robyn Morgan on Dry Blue Ice
59th 18.436 Sandra Crist on Earl
60th 18.473 Karlee Wesney on Leaving Promises
61st 18.494 Lauren Drew on Im Allfired Up
62nd 18.499 Nicole Thompson on If You Only Knew
63rd 18.502 Breanna Keil on Budskidsaflyin
64th 18.529 Melissa Perez on EZ Bay Boy
65th 18.561 Cindi Archer on Scipios Tryn
66th 18.564 Jessica Swanson on DM Legacy
67th 18.570 Bailee Williams on Minnie
68th 18.599 Melissa Perez on Maybe Ima Be Bigtime
69th 18.654 Marilyn Nimmo on CM Frosty Macho Jack
70th 18.756 Wayne Osick on JLC Precious Boogie
71st 18.792 Jamie Stone on Jesse
72nd 18.897 Kelley Centeno on Just In Time
73rd 18.905 Emily Franklin on Turk
74th 19.173 Ashley Arms on Chicks Vendetta
75th 19.418 Teri Jones on Jagger
76th 19.442 Selena Roberts on Buddy
77th 19.504 Sherri Kastilahn on Jessies Red Peppy
78th 19.511 Madison Renfree on Gunner
79th 19.686 Bliss Bates on Dashing Teddi Bear
80th 19.724 Bethany Fout on Martini
81st 19.935 Erica Fitzgerald on Sandy Bottoms
82nd 19.960 JoJo Hagerstrom on Smoken Boons Hot Cat
83rd 20.068 Sherri Kastilahn on Horse??
84th 20.072 Laura Smith on Lola
85th 20.708 Ellie Black on Jessie Royal Sonoita
86th 21.025 Kaley Wilson on Oliver
87th 21.158 Emily Frakes on Biggie
88th 21.278 Samantha Dye on Sherman
89th 22.246 Cydnee Reap on Lil Big Man Prince
90th 22.952 Isabella Pate on Little Miss Pony Power

12:07 PM 10/10/16 Barrel Race America, Version 12.3 Page 8
NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open

91st 26.767 Jersi Laughton on Lotto
92nd 29.024 Ellen Neal on First Down N Boozin
93rd 33.302 Johnnie Rose Bray on Blue Jeans
SCR 400.000 Alexandra Arnold on Daxx On The Rocks
SCR 400.000 Stephanie Baker on Fresno’s Flashy Pep
N/T 400.000 Cheree Moynier on Fairlea Smart Bingo
SCR 400.000 Diana Penunuri on Shorty’s Blue Lena
N/T 400.000 Sally Ives on Express It Wright
SCR 400.000 Susie Mills on Rudy
N/T 400.000 Brigette Mickels on Fairlea Rum Rondee
SCR 400.000 Carie Olson on Emmy’s Angel
N/T 400.000 Jennifer Schooler on TM Cuz I Can
SCR 400.000 Sydney Green on R U On Defence
SCR 400.000 James Loughrey on China
N/T 400.000 Taylor Anne Sanchez on Miss Buckskin Cuervo
N/T 400.000 Michelle Lamley on Great Blue Spark
N/T 400.000 Jennifer Brown on DH Mighty Stellar
SCR 400.000 Lauren Mikowski on Flash
N/T 400.000 Laurie Dye on TF Montana Star
N/T 400.000 Kristy Banegas on Trina
N/T 400.000 Kennadie Radford on Fools Silver Dollar
N/T 400.000 Savannah Fichter on IBA Red Hot Dream
N/T 400.000 Cortney Edick on Fuego
N/T 400.000 Shaina King on Troubles
SCR 400.000 Matthew Ollendick on Joey
SCR 400.000 Sydney Green on Hope
N/T 415.552 Melanie Thompson on My Perfect Choice
N/T 415.671 Sydni Blanchard on Mr Famous Jess
N/T 415.704 Lauren Crivier on Fameshiningdownonme
N/T 415.712 Erin King on Woody
N/T 415.763 Amanda Holden on Odie/OTR Constant Effort
N/T 415.778 Kandis Lord on Cadillac
N/T 415.811 Taylor Rivera on French Fast N Famous
N/T 415.860 Maile Morehart on She Got They Guy
N/T 415.969 Sue Brown on Cow Playin Dually
N/T 415.983 Annie Spur on Traval Boogie
N/T 416.111 Katie McCaslan on Perk Mia Firewater
N/T 416.172 Carrie Jankee on Horse
N/T 416.181 Tilly Jenski on Shes Simply Dashin
N/T 416.223 Bliss Bates on Dry Ceyenne
N/T 416.267 Taylor Anne Sanchez on Rare Gold Rush
N/T 416.288 Payton Bladow on Docs Lena Rey
N/T 416.304 Natalie McGrand on Indy 500
N/T 416.379 Amber Bustamante on Fishermans Wharf
N/T 416.392 Annette Leach on LL Frosty Lady
N/T 416.570 Yolanda Dyer on Smart Peppy Remedy
N/T 416.641 Joni Visser on Clasic Frenchman
N/T 416.666 Devon Gibson on Story
N/T 416.687 Barbara Christian on Creed Warrior – Hank
N/T 416.711 Rachael Ross on Risky

12:07 PM 10/10/16 Barrel Race America, Version 12.3 Page 9
NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open

N/T 416.765 Christina DeKoning on Whinnie
N/T 416.799 Evie Wouters on GW Miss N Buck
N/T 416.834 Jamie Sweat on Cash Is The Devil
N/T 416.956 Lisa Wernli on Real Famous Lil
N/T 417.004 Lisa Marie Miller on This Judge Has Class
N/T 417.025 Sara Jackson on Black Jack
N/T 417.170 Joni Visser on Pretty Boy
N/T 417.178 Rebecca Preast on Cajuns Cowgirl
N/T 417.187 Cheryl Kidd on Mr. Peppys Leavin
N/T 417.230 Kylie Blackmore on Paige on the Dollar
N/T 417.256 Marilyn Nimmo on Pinch of Heaven
N/T 417.276 Sabrina Wright on Reepeter
N/T 417.321 Kristy Banegas on Lucy
N/T 417.513 Karen Tusler on Elliedoc
N/T 417.526 Heather Herron on Ms Dash Ta Fame
N/T 417.565 Bobette Lee on Ricochet Reba
N/T 417.626 Emily Franklin on Luna
N/T 417.685 Cheryl Malady on Cruz N The Bar
N/T 417.718 Brooke Hayes on Norma Jean
N/T 417.869 Raven Araujo on Bold Bar Tab
N/T 417.884 Pepe Lozada on Ponderosa Princess
N/T 418.182 Sarah Thoennes on Dynamite Dacquiri
N/T 418.252 Karen Arave on Power N Fast
N/T 418.548 Bonnie Christian on My Ity Bitty
N/T 418.623 Courtney Keiser on Buck Hancocks Eddie
N/T 419.037 Cyndi Pais on Tuckers French Twist
N/T 422.005 Kristin Macy on Tina O’lena



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