2018 Youth Average Results

ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Youth Average                  
Paying to  4 placings, Jackpot Total = $     0.00, Rider count = 88          
     1D Time = 31.563, Placings = 24, Pool = $    0.00                       
     2D Time = 33.563, Placings = 25, Pool = $    0.00                       
     3D Time = 35.563, Placings = 12, Pool = $    0.00                       
     4D Time = 37.563, Placings =  7, Pool = $    0.00                       
                     Not Placed = 20                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 31.563                 Karli Huguenard on Nicki Will Do               
   2nd 31.915                 Kaiden Ayres on Shes a Brisco                  
   3rd 31.917                 Payton Schoeppach on The Mafia Boss            
   4th 32.270                 Rylee Cooper on Not So Perfecto                
   5th 32.289                 Kayla Pugliese on High Sparked Cat             
   6th 32.301                 Daley Raze on Boots                            
   7th 32.381                 Parker Asam on Fairlea Whataboutbob            
   8th 32.676                 Laney DeNuzio on Bentley                       
   9th 32.680                 Kaydin Finan on Dillon                         
  10th 32.759                 Samantha Hornberger on Washakie Just Tru       
  11th 32.774                 Kylie Blackmore on Page Me Im Fancy            
  12th 32.778                 Aspen Owen on Montana                          
  13th 32.796                 Skyler Sutton on Shezapepperedbiscuit          
  14th 32.846                 Stephanie Daehne on Catch Some Reyes           
  15th 32.861                 Nicole Donahoo on Chicks Dig Dirty Royalty     
  16th 32.879                 Juliane Balog on BF Uno French Dinero          
  17th 32.915                 Ashlyn Muto on Reggie                          
  18th 32.974                 Paisley Nobles on Vegas                        
  19th 33.114                 Courtney Walters on Catolena Ichi              
  20th 33.204                 Masyn Powers on Rewind & Deal                  
  21st 33.265                 London Gladney on Big Red                      
  22nd 33.347                 Bailee Williams on Pistol Pete                 
  23rd 33.400                 Masyn Powers on Playing In My Dreams           
  24th 33.560                 Rylea Ryan on Lego                             
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 33.609                 Samantha Dye on Tender Atina                   
   2nd 33.619                 Reyna Johnson on Bo                            
   3rd 33.793                 Ashlyn Muto on Nobilo                          
   4th 33.801                 Laurel Dempsey on Skye                         
   5th 33.961                 Kayla Pugliese on Don't Get It Twisted         
   6th 33.999                 Parker Asam on Colonels Tinkerbelle            
   7th 34.108                 Lily-Ann Sjem on Lotus                         
   8th 34.157                 Gracie Beth Sutton on Millie Ana               
   9th 34.247                 Sammie Jo Stuart on Champagnes Fizz            
  10th 34.326                 Farah Miyagishima on Phoenix                   
  11th 34.367                 Jersi Laughton on Felix                        
4:50 PM 10/15/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 2   
                     ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Youth Average                  
  12th 34.394                 Eryn Warren on Dakota                          
  13th 34.639                 Reagan Martin on Docs Plain Lady               
  14th 34.654                 Kate Herrera on Just Up High                   
  15th 34.717                 Isabella Pate on Java                          
  16th 34.798                 Rylee Bitto on Smoking Rifle                   
Tie    34.798                 Jersi Laughton on Pony                         
  18th 34.838                 Ruby Lightfoot on Freckles                     
  19th 34.955                 Brooklyn Bates on Bean                         
  20th 35.093                 Madison Singh on Sophie                        
  21st 35.206                 JoJo Hagerstrom on Smoken Boons Hot Cat        
  22nd 35.224                 Daley Raze on Goose                            
  23rd 35.252                 Chloe Lehman on Swamp Dragon                   
  24th 35.393                 Faith Moran on Chic                            
  25th 35.488                 Zachary Henry on Stoli Martini                 
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 35.649                 Hope Balog on Beda Cheng Money                 
   2nd 35.706                 Alyssa Winkelman on Whiskey                    
   3rd 35.713                 Isabella McClure on Blondie                    
   4th 35.797                 Johnnie Rose Bray on Sorry-OJS Creekwood       
   5th 35.877                 Anna Young on Hickory                          
   6th 35.944                 Olivia Verbeck on Peanut                       
   7th 35.949                 Jersi Laughton on Lotto                        
   8th 36.052                 Zachary Henry on Skip A Golden Legacy          
   9th 36.091                 Melena Dotinga on Yosemite Sam                 
  10th 36.251                 Savannah Densmore on IMA Frenchmans Choice     
  11th 36.337                 Mia Goldman on Blaze                           
  12th 36.582                 Shiley Haynes on Skittles                      
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 37.979                 Emily Frakes on Martini                        
   2nd 38.714                 Haylee Ann Hurst on Miss Smokin Jay            
   3rd 38.745                 Isabella Pate on Little miss Ponytude          
   4th 38.785                 Julianna Wright on Smarty Pants                
   5th 39.209                 Brynn Bates on Cherry                          
   6th 41.026                 Allison Frankes on Teeny Tiny Timmy            
   7th 43.260                 Grace Benadom on Baby                          
N/T    999.999                Berlyn Franks on Lizzy                         
N/T    999.999                Asia McMurry on Nobilo                         
N/T    1015.734               Madison Munson on Secret                       
N/T    1016.018               Jessica Krambeer on Miss Rock n Nonstop        
N/T    1016.018               Masyn Powers on Dashin Ta Roses                
N/T    1016.347               Enastele Colwell on Sanoatian Jack             
N/T    1016.347               Kynzington Muth on Sister                      
N/T    1016.403               Kaiden Ayres on My Quick Pistol                
N/T    1016.523               Gracie Beth Sutton on CoCo                     
N/T    1016.545               Kaiden Ayres on Sterling Jewels                
N/T    1016.772               Kynara Dukes on Bonita                         
N/T    1016.850               Lynlee Crist on CH Cata Dixie                  
N/T    1016.890               Fallon Arave on VF Barrel Slots                
4:50 PM 10/15/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 3   
                     ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Youth Average                  
N/T    1017.183               Hayden Jefferies on Blacky                     
N/T    1017.777               Jaden Murray on Maggie                         
N/T    1017.794               Gracie Beth Sutton on Big Red                  
N/T    1018.187               Mollie McTeggart on Cajuns Indigo              
N/T    1018.319               Emily Gravatt on Spice Girl                    
N/T    1018.516               Audrey Morton on Maddie                        
N/T    1999.998               Elise Prekker on Luna

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