2018 Sunday Open Results

ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Sunday Open                   
Paying to 14 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 23385.00, Rider count = 365         
     1D Time = 15.338, Placings = 23, Pool = $ 6313.95                       
     2D Time = 15.838, Placings = 51, Pool = $ 5612.40                       
     3D Time = 16.338, Placings = 94, Pool = $ 4677.00                       
     4D Time = 16.838, Placings = 44, Pool = $ 3975.45                       
     5D Time = 17.338, Placings = 75, Pool = $ 2806.20                       
                     Not Placed = 78                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.338 $1162.00        Kelsey Cadwell on Shine On A Dime              
   2nd 15.352 $1004.00        Erin King on Streakin French Bullett           
   3rd 15.434 $840.00         Michelle Silva on Samson                       
   4th 15.539 $644.00         Lacy Lockard on Shameless Fame                 
   5th 15.567 $562.00         Kris Gadbois on Famous Goodbye Lane            
   6th 15.568 $410.00         Kaiden Ayres on Shes a Brisco                  
   7th 15.592 $322.00         Seanna Inderbieten on Pavos Salero             
   8th 15.617 $278.00         Kris Gadbois on Sheza Frenchman Guy            
   9th 15.667 $253.00         Cheri Graves on Toosmarttoshine                
  10th 15.671 $215.00         Cassidy Champlin on Casady                     
  11th 15.677 $189.00         Julie Martin on Hip Wrangler                   
  12th 15.695 $158.00         Payton Schoeppach on The Mafia Boss            
  13th 15.731 $145.00         Amber Bustamante on Streakin OMG               
  14th 15.744 $133.00         Sydney Wheeler on Hickorys Smart Holly         
  15th 15.767                 Kristen Weaver-Brown on JW Freeze Frame        
  16th 15.773                 Kathy Petska on Dinero Made Me Famous          
  17th 15.775                 Brandi Willson on BugsaliveDunGood             
  18th 15.776                 Cheyenne Lindsey on Cat Man Do                 
  19th 15.788                 Linda Vick on KN French Dot Fame               
  20th 15.801                 Megan Champion on Miss dual smartee            
  21st 15.806                 Karli Huguenard on Nicki Will Do               
  22nd 15.822                 Alyssa Conklin on Jets Skipping Stick          
  23rd 15.825                 Krista Williams on RDJ Modern Day Romeo        
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.851 $1033.00        Shelby Sullivan on Beats My Fancy              
   2nd 15.866 $892.00         Shelley Boyle on Intriguing Bruga              
   3rd 15.870 $746.00         Melanie Jaegers on Jerry's Tapped Off          
   4th 15.883 $572.00         Brooke Gulley on Pumpkin                       
   5th 15.887 $500.00         Toni Miller on Bugs N Fame                     
   6th 15.891 $365.00         Tawnie Vanderlans on Law Dog                   
   7th 15.904 $286.00         Kaydin Finan on Dillon                         
   8th 15.913 $247.00         Kristen Weaver-Brown on Cricket                
   9th 15.928 $224.00         Kayla Pugliese on High Sparked Cat             
  10th 15.942 $191.00         Allie Howard on Jess Call On Me                
  11th 15.953 $168.00         Sue Brown on Cow Playin Dually                 
4:52 PM 10/15/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 2   
                      ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Sunday Open                   
  12th 15.961 $140.00         Sherrie Jones on Frenchmans Royal Guy          
  13th 15.967 $129.00         Amy Smith on Hills Cash Shadow                 
  14th 15.969 $ 59.00         Cassidy Champlin on Bullseye                   
Tie    15.969 $ 59.00         Kelly Strohmenger on KA Peppered in Fame       
  16th 15.975                 Ann McGilchrist on California Fame             
  17th 15.976                 Katie Pascoe on JR Famous Player               
  18th 15.986                 Denise Munson on Nip                           
  19th 16.010                 Brittney Barnett on Frenchmans Pick            
  20th 16.014                 Linda Vick on Will                             
  21st 16.019                 Jessica Krambeer on Miss Rock n Nonstop        
  22nd 16.023                 Kristen Weaver-Brown on La Lucci               
  23rd 16.029                 Stacey Freitas on Mohican Sun                  
  24th 16.031                 Katey Sizemomre on Tufs Lil Lena               
  25th 16.033                 Stacey Hart on Dyna                            
  26th 16.053                 Holly Irish on Jane                            
  27th 16.068                 Courtney Walters on Catolena Ichi              
  28th 16.075                 Daley Raze on Boots                            
  29th 16.115                 Samantha Hornberger on Washakie Just Tru       
  30th 16.118                 Chris Azevedo on Allsoperky                    
  31st 16.132                 David Renier on Fly Hi Jet                     
  32nd 16.136                 Rylee Cooper on Not So Perfecto                
  33rd 16.138                 Kelsey Hayden on Skippa Ice Breaker            
  34th 16.145                 Alyssa Ferguson on OH Bar Sonora               
  35th 16.148                 Erin King on Lock Up The Guns                  
  36th 16.151                 Karlie Boles on Wood B Packin                  
  37th 16.171                 Paisley Nobles on Sorley                       
  38th 16.188                 Sarah Sjem on LNC Playboy                      
  39th 16.211                 Erin King on Miss Gypsy Willow                 
  40th 16.223                 London Gladney on Big Red                      
  41st 16.239                 Denise Munson on RW Frenchmans Tantrum         
  42nd 16.247                 Virginia McClintock on Nita Smokes             
  43rd 16.257                 Jamie Harris on Carlyo Colt                    
  44th 16.267                 Krista Williams on El Cachurro                 
  45th 16.276                 Skyler Sutton on Shezapepperedbiscuit          
  46th 16.282                 Betty Valencia on LDS Unleash The Chics        
  47th 16.300                 Kylie Blackmore on Page Me Im Fancy            
  48th 16.305                 Amber Bustamante on Fishermans Wharf           
  49th 16.313                 Allie Smith on Hole Lotta Perks                
  50th 16.321                 Brittanie Richards on Perk Me Blue             
  51st 16.331                 Stephanie Daehne on Catch Some Reyes           
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.341 $861.00         Kris Gadbois on Guyz Luv Ta Fame               
   2nd 16.345 $744.00         Heaven Perez on Bar Hobbys Doc                 
   3rd 16.348 $622.00         Enastele Colwell on Sanoatian Jack             
   4th 16.349 $477.00         Barbara Christian on Creed Warrior - Hank      
   5th 16.350 $416.00         Bella Ortiz on Smoken Hot Dually               
   6th 16.351 $304.00         Nicole Donahoo on Chicks Dig Dirty Royalty     
   7th 16.352 $239.00         Taylor Barnett on Wyatt                        
   8th 16.361 $206.00         Emily Hannaford on Hollywood Heatwave          
4:52 PM 10/15/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 3   
                      ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Sunday Open                   
   9th 16.384 $187.00         Renee Rettstatt on Angels Can Fly              
  10th 16.385 $159.00         Aspen Owen on Montana                          
  11th 16.386 $140.00         Tana Castro on MH All D Cows                   
  12th 16.389 $117.00         Lindsey Russo on Justa Little Famous           
  13th 16.399 $108.00         Caitlin Koss on Reine De La Lune               
  14th 16.405 $ 98.00         Parker Asam on Fairlea Whataboutbob            
  15th 16.409                 Crystal Hale on Dashin Ta Sugar Shack          
  16th 16.420                 Ashley Tackitt on Picis Award                  
  17th 16.422                 Ashlyn Muto on Reggie                          
  18th 16.424                 Masyn Powers on Rewind & Deal                  
  19th 16.429                 Emily Hannaford on Chasin My Youth             
  20th 16.437                 Tana Castro on Renegade Flo                    
  21st 16.442                 Rio Clawson on Zorro                           
  22nd 16.444                 Paisley Nobles on Vegas                        
  23rd 16.446                 Laney DeNuzio on Bentley                       
  24th 16.452                 Jennifer Saeta on Danny                        
  25th 16.477                 Riki Remhart on Miss Dash N Go                 
  26th 16.479                 Lauren Herron on Third Darling French          
  27th 16.481                 Jessica Rathcke on Bentley                     
  28th 16.488                 Cindy Gereaux on Shining Silver Bells          
  29th 16.493                 Michelle Silva on Dalila                       
  30th 16.505                 Jennifer Myers on Help Wanted                  
  31st 16.518                 Sherry Zacher on Who Dat Dynasty               
  32nd 16.525                 Lily-Ann Sjem on Lotus                         
  33rd 16.526                 Karlie Boles on Discreat French                
  34th 16.534                 Tawnie Vanderlans on Leroy                     
  35th 16.536                 Erin King on Pays To Be French                 
  36th 16.538                 Juliane Balog on BF Uno French Dinero          
  37th 16.546                 Kaiden Ayres on Sterling Jewels                
  38th 16.557                 Robyn Hooker on CR miss Sprats Cash            
  39th 16.565                 Kandance Blanchard on Coach que                
  40th 16.566                 Linda Vick on Streakin Four Whiskey            
  41st 16.568                 Jamie LaFortune on Razzle Dazzle Tafame        
  42nd 16.569                 Shannon Hughes on Dual n Rose                  
  43rd 16.572                 Kelly Strohmenger on Charlie                   
  44th 16.582                 Lana Lamas Nicholson on Mr Sumthen Special     
  45th 16.594                 Dawn Colwell on Junos French Flash             
  46th 16.603                 Missy Lynn Gibson on TRS Easy Dash             
  47th 16.605                 Michelle Sullivan on Dash of Native            
  48th 16.617                 Cheri Graves on Six Ways Ta Famous             
  49th 16.619                 Jayme Bednarek on Foxy Red Dun Cowgirl         
  50th 16.620                 Sally Ives on Express It Wright                
  51st 16.623                 Jaime Hinton on Einstien                       
  52nd 16.628                 Cookie Scane on Betty Boop Biankus             
  53rd 16.634                 Michelle Wiley on Xtremely Easy                
  54th 16.648                 Kylie Clower on Shine N Seek                   
  55th 16.662                 Shawna Bishop on Willshe Wanta Dance           
  56th 16.663                 Samantha Dye on Tender Atina                   
  57th 16.665                 Carolyn J Thomas on My Silent Eclipse          
  58th 16.668                 Bonnie Christian on BLJ Shawnee Creek          
4:52 PM 10/15/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 4   
                      ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Sunday Open                   
  59th 16.670                 Jesse Williams on Aussie Jet                   
  60th 16.674                 Kylee Boldroff on Streakin To DaMoon           
  61st 16.686                 Pam Wilken on High on Brisco                   
  62nd 16.687                 Elizabeth Bixby on Faith                       
  63rd 16.696                 Jaycee Harris on Bo                            
  64th 16.698                 Bliss Bates on Felicia                         
  65th 16.715                 Jeannie Malone on Doctor K                     
  66th 16.716                 Natalie Donaldson on RB Yeah Shes Firen        
Tie    16.716                 Natalie Donaldson on LDS Sucker Punch          
  68th 16.719                 Jennifer Saeta on Handsom                      
  69th 16.721                 Shealynn Day on Confederates Candy             
  70th 16.726                 Melissa Misner on Dasher                       
  71st 16.737                 Ashley Fairhurst on Sinder                     
  72nd 16.738                 Rylee Cooper on Just Plain Oops                
  73rd 16.740                 Rylea Ryan on Lego                             
  74th 16.743                 Robyn Morgan on Toby                           
  75th 16.744                 Kristen Weaver-Brown on Satin Sugar Money      
  76th 16.758                 Tracy Hertel on Bombers Cowboy                 
  77th 16.759                 Michelle Heredia on Lucys Gotta Gun            
  78th 16.763                 Barbara Arrendondo on Itsa Brewster            
  79th 16.769                 Shyla Finan on Horse                           
  80th 16.778                 Jennifer Smith on MylilClassic Diamond         
  81st 16.785                 Jersi Laughton on Felix                        
  82nd 16.787                 Natalie Galan on Black Jack                    
  83rd 16.789                 Melissa Perez on Maybe Ima Be Bigtime          
  84th 16.800                 Cyndi Pais on Tuckers French Twist             
Tie    16.800                 Katey Sizemomre on Tipso D Okie                
  86th 16.802                 Bailee Williams on Pistol Pete                 
  87th 16.808                 Lennie Meyer on Eli                            
  88th 16.813                 Bailey Nahrgang on JK Casses Best Win          
  89th 16.814                 Jessica Townsend on I CD Cat                   
  90th 16.826                 Belinda Bates on Babelicious                   
  91st 16.828                 Gillian Mullican on Robin                      
  92nd 16.829                 Merlin Jackson on Gold Nuggets Rane            
  93rd 16.830                 Brett Hansen on Skipta Miss Max                
  94th 16.837                 Ashley Arms on Chicks Vendetta                 
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.839 $731.00         Betsy Reynolds on Duster                       
   2nd 16.849 $632.00         Masyn Powers on Playing In My Dreams           
   3rd 16.851 $529.00         Lynlee Crist on CH Cata Dixie                  
   4th 16.860 $405.00         Jodee Owens on French Cremdementhe             
   5th 16.884 $354.00         Kelly Lane on Liberty                          
   6th 16.888 $258.00         Reba Pugliese on Diesel                        
   7th 16.892 $203.00         Jimmy Daurio on Sunny All Day                  
   8th 16.893 $175.00         Madeline Kingsland on Moon Struck Luck         
   9th 16.907 $159.00         Elva Hinojosa on JJ Frosty Last Bar            
  10th 16.926 $127.00         Melissa Shomaker on JJ Packin Yawls Stones     
Tie    16.926 $127.00         Cheryl Clower on Power N Fast                  
  12th 16.945 $ 99.00         Tori Ramirez on Wright On Scarlett             
4:52 PM 10/15/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 5   
                      ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Sunday Open                   
  13th 16.947 $ 91.00         Carisa Miller on JTS Streak of Fling           
  14th 16.952 $ 83.00         Laurel Dempsey on Skye                         
  15th 16.962                 Shelby Sullivan on TM CashN Hi                 
  16th 16.984                 Tina Barnett on Flits Flitterbug               
Tie    16.984                 Ashlyn Muto on Nobilo                          
  18th 17.012                 Reyna Johnson on Bo                            
  19th 17.016                 Jaime Hinton on Marv                           
  20th 17.043                 Kayla Pugliese on Don't Get It Twisted         
  21st 17.049                 Farah Miyagishima on Phoenix                   
Tie    17.049                 Christina Swan on Bay Traffic                  
Tie    17.049                 Robin Cary on Heza Splash A Dash               
  24th 17.051                 Kelsey Cadwell on Noholmell                    
  25th 17.071                 Lauren Irwin on Finn                           
  26th 17.104                 Jodee Owens on Peppy's Tootie Pop              
  27th 17.118                 Missy Spurr on Dusty Be Dashin                 
  28th 17.121                 Ali Copenhaver on Odie                         
  29th 17.155                 Karen Tusler on Elliedoc                       
  30th 17.161                 Gracie Beth Sutton on Millie Ana               
  31st 17.170                 Jessica Gravatt on Hawk                        
  32nd 17.176                 Shayna Hooker on Due a little dance            
  33rd 17.184                 Hayden Jefferies on Blacky                     
  34th 17.185                 Raven Araujo on Heyu Fiz Doll                  
  35th 17.186                 Rylee Bitto on Smoking Rifle                   
  36th 17.196                 Parker Asam on Colonels Tinkerbelle            
  37th 17.209                 Kathy Branco on Just N Thenickoftime           
  38th 17.210                 Jersi Laughton on Pony                         
  39th 17.212                 Jennifer Brown on Runaway Leo                  
  40th 17.232                 Reagan Martin on Docs Plain Lady               
  41st 17.262                 Ruby Lightfoot on Freckles                     
  42nd 17.266                 Linda Travis on Frosted My Glass               
  43rd 17.283                 Katelyn Hauselmann on Dandy Good Reason        
  44th 17.337                 Cheyanne Cox on Siblas Secret                  
                               5D Placings                                   
   1st 17.338 $516.00         Sammie Jo Stuart on Champagnes Fizz            
   2nd 17.339 $446.00         Joni Pulcheon on Shooter                       
   3rd 17.345 $373.00         Madison Singh on Sophie                        
   4th 17.389 $286.00         Amanda Zaritsky on Bentley                     
   5th 17.397 $250.00         Robin Butler on Lenas Effort                   
   6th 17.400 $182.00         Eryn Warren on Dakota                          
   7th 17.412 $143.00         Kieri Black on Jagger                          
   8th 17.414 $123.00         Duetta Wasson on Hemi                          
   9th 17.434 $112.00         Alyssa Winkelman on Whiskey                    
  10th 17.446 $ 95.00         Cindi Archer on Mikey TA Fame                  
  11th 17.449 $ 84.00         Sue Brown on Brown Easter Bunny                
  12th 17.462 $ 70.00         Faith Moran on Chic                            
  13th 17.494 $ 65.00         Nickalus Fonzi on SLR Got My Mojo Workn        
  14th 17.496 $ 59.00         Mariah Greenslitt on Jac                       
  15th 17.518                 Isabella Pate on Java                          
  16th 17.534                 Merlin Jackson on Joaks Bold Bug               
4:52 PM 10/15/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 6   
                      ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Sunday Open                   
  17th 17.545                 Cindy Gregory on Imfrench N Packnfury          
  18th 17.588                 Sandy Wall on Got Special Talents              
  19th 17.597                 Chyan Jarnagin on Heart of a Deviled Women     
  20th 17.612                 Brittany Edwards on Talk About A Big Star      
  21st 17.620                 Bailey Nahrgang on Charlie Lion                
  22nd 17.628                 Tracey Scott on Bullitt                        
  23rd 17.661                 Jessica Townsend on Hi Speed Chase             
  24th 17.669                 Chloe Lehman on Swamp Dragon                   
  25th 17.691                 Anna Young on Hickory                          
  26th 17.701                 Brittney Phillips on Fan the Breeze            
  27th 17.707                 Mia Goldman on Blaze                           
  28th 17.731                 Melena Dotinga on Yosemite Sam                 
  29th 17.741                 Savannah Densmore on IMA Frenchmans Choice     
  30th 17.745                 Helena Grace Turturro on Docs Southern Sass    
  31st 17.747                 Gay Boyd on Cowboys Blue Kitten                
  32nd 17.768                 Jennifer Padilla on Truly Ima Corona           
  33rd 17.782                 Kathy DeCoud on Dreamer                        
  34th 17.785                 Donna DeGenaro on One Luv N Cash               
  35th 17.855                 Brooklyn Bates on Bean                         
  36th 17.878                 JoJo Hagerstrom on Smoken Boons Hot Cat        
  37th 17.939                 Kate Herrera on Just Up High                   
  38th 17.947                 Jersi Laughton on Lotto                        
  39th 17.953                 Missy Spurr on Hustler                         
  40th 17.999                 Isabella McClure on Blondie                    
  41st 18.007                 Johnnie Rose Bray on Sorry-OJS Creekwood       
  42nd 18.020                 Zachary Henry on Stoli Martini                 
  43rd 18.034                 Shiley Haynes on Skittles                      
  44th 18.036                 Daley Raze on Goose                            
  45th 18.044                 Danielle Vasquez on Baby Mayo                  
  46th 18.073                 Olivia Verbeck on Peanut                       
  47th 18.109                 Evelyn Ward on Sweet Southern Belle            
  48th 18.113                 Rachel Ward on Goin Stylin                     
  49th 18.135                 Zachary Henry on Skip A Golden Legacy          
  50th 18.168                 Elizabeth Doyle on Jayleo Maggie               
  51st 18.195                 Madeline Kingsland on TR Bugged Me Smooth      
  52nd 18.212                 Hope Balog on Beda Cheng Money                 
  53rd 18.229                 Sahara Hite on Mercy                           
  54th 18.306                 Wanda Walterscheid on Miss Wake up Corona      
  55th 18.320                 Emily Gravatt on Spice Girl                    
  56th 18.321                 Michelle DeVries on Ebar Hornitos Pep          
  57th 18.407                 Pepe Lozada on Ponderosa Princess              
  58th 18.460                 Erica Baxter on Kiaras Redemption              
  59th 18.563                 Tiffany Garrett on Juniors Nu Starlight        
  60th 18.665                 Nancy Mclntyre on Sassy                        
  61st 18.667                 Gillian Mullican on Marcus                     
  62nd 19.033                 Julianna Wright on Smarty Pants                
  63rd 19.054                 Haylee Ann Hurst on Miss Smokin Jay            
  64th 19.099                 Emily Frakes on Martini                        
  65th 19.202                 Rebecca Larkin on You And Me at Midnite        
  66th 19.624                 Jamie Snyder on Streakinskippinbaybe           
4:52 PM 10/15/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 7   
                      ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Sunday Open                   
  67th 19.658                 Brynn Bates on Cherry                          
  68th 19.977                 Liz Pino on Nike                               
  69th 20.175                 Isabella Pate on Little miss Ponytude          
  70th 20.305                 Allison Frankes on Teeny Tiny Timmy            
  71st 20.380                 Jessica Fenstermaker on Miss Honky Tonka       
  72nd 20.673                 Grace Benadom on Baby                          
  73rd 20.788                 Shannon Hughes on Travelen freckles            
  74th 23.233                 Karsyn Jefferies on Sweetie                    
  75th 25.825                 Caitlin Koss on Cruise N Kinda Guy             
N/T    400.000                Presley Scalzo on Peppys Winning Perks         
N/T    400.000                Madison Munson on Secret                       
N/T    400.000                Ramon Gomez on DashitZipitDashit               
N/T    400.000                Tonya Watson on My Smart Ambishion             
N/T    400.000                Shelley Boyle on Intriging Interest            
SCR    400.000                Kathy Petska on Bet On This Lion               
N/T    400.000                Masyn Powers on Dashin Ta Roses                
N/T    400.000                Rio Clawson on Nathan                          
N/T    400.000                Sarah Sjem on RB Twisted Fame                  
N/T    400.000                Payton Schoeppach on Skips Cool Diamond        
SCR    400.000                Shelley Morgan on Carchy Cat                   
N/T    400.000                Rio Rizzo on Corona                            
N/T    400.000                Cindy Thomas on Cutters Lil Image              
N/T    415.308                Shelley Holman on Red Hot N Burnin             
N/T    415.329                Kris Gadbois on CRCS Regaldash                 
N/T    415.551                Hunter Morgan on Cd Brown                      
N/T    415.760                Kaiden Ayres on My Quick Pistol                
N/T    415.782                Kristin Stephens on Call Me Captain Jax        
N/T    415.836                Tina Denmark on Pick This One                  
N/T    415.873                Cammy Estep on My Fame Sparkles                
N/T    415.885                Debbie Langdon on Kipus Cash Doll              
N/T    415.986                Kris Gadbois on Sheza Lady Guyz                
N/T    416.042                Hayley Campbell on Texas Share Of Frame        
N/T    416.122                Bliss Bates on Dry Ceyenne                     
N/T    416.123                Sheryl Dobbs on Grape Stomper                  
N/T    416.152                Emma Copenhaver on Duffy                       
N/T    416.155                Shelley Holman on Wood B Fun                   
N/T    416.257                Makayla Cozatt on Bellas Blue Cloud            
N/T    416.323                Kynzington Muth on Sister                      
N/T    416.364                Sharon Edstrom on Sliders Joker                
N/T    416.379                Shelby Joice on Zephyr                         
N/T    416.432                Gracie Beth Sutton on CoCo                     
N/T    416.459                Carrie Kevie on Stairway to Jewels             
N/T    416.471                Rachael Ross on Risky                          
N/T    416.516                Mary Ellen Hannon on Gwenie                    
N/T    416.531                Dana Ryan on Firewater McQueen                 
N/T    416.554                Holly Madole on Colorful Corona                
N/T    416.574                Betty Valencia on Abigail MorningStar          
N/T    416.592                Fallon Arave on VF Barrel Slots                
N/T    416.686                Shawna Bishop on Rosebar Royale                
N/T    416.710                Chelsea Laird on YU Special Mr. Paddy          
4:52 PM 10/15/18       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 8   
                      ACBRA Table 1 Jackpot in Sunday Open                   
N/T    416.713                Shannon Shade on Victory Way                   
N/T    416.771                Kynara Dukes on Bonita                         
N/T    416.820                Jessi Pulcheon on Dancin Cleat                 
N/T    416.858                Sydney Wheeler on Shiney Little Jewel          
N/T    416.859                Kathy Bankston on R.B. Kruise                  
N/T    416.928                Kelsey Cadwell on I'm Aimin To Please          
N/T    416.980                Paisley Nobles on Cricket                      
N/T    416.983                Mariah Greenslitt on Get Down To Whirl         
N/T    417.024                Kori Schneider on IMPRESIVQUINCYDANSE          
N/T    417.025                Megan Champion on Scorch                       
N/T    417.106                Britney Edwards on Turk                        
N/T    417.146                Tana Castro on Leroy                           
N/T    417.176                Emily Backes on A starbucks N FireRB           
N/T    417.181                Gracie Beth Sutton on Big Red                  
N/T    417.270                Jenny LeFort on ICU 4 Socks                    
N/T    417.283                Charlie Thompson on Tiny                       
N/T    417.389                Michelle Hoekenga on Smokums Tuff Miss         
N/T    417.501                Jayme Bednarek on Pistols Pakin Firewater      
N/T    417.506                Jaden Murray on Maggie                         
N/T    417.559                Mollie McTeggart on Cajuns Indigo              
N/T    417.595                Katelyn Hauselmann on Boogie Woogie Walk       
N/T    417.645                Ashley Tackitt on Hotter Than A Fantasy        
N/T    417.736                Sandra Crist on Bueno River Run                
N/T    417.886                Jennifer Dingess on Cowboys piece of fame      
N/T    418.000                Rachel Ward on CR Okies Be Tuff                
N/T    418.030                Samatha Mullennix on Ima Smokin Frenchman      
N/T    418.079                Lanie Phillips on Montana                      
N/T    418.149                Sandy Wall on TS Perks Sparkler                
N/T    418.168                Laura Pickel on Hope                           
N/T    418.462                Elise Prekker on Luna                          
N/T    418.830                Rio Clawson on Champ                           
N/T    418.885                Audrey Morton on Maddie                        
N/T    419.784                Michelle Ouellette on Karma                    
N/T    424.343                Rachel Magdaleno on Moonstruck Firewater       
N/T    425.155                Belinda Bates on Frenchmans LLL Dash           
N/T    428.640                Julie Lane on Little Pine Fire                 
N/T    431.109                Victoria Bradley on Krys n Tell 

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