2017 Saturday Open Results

NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open                     
Paying to 15 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 23140.00, Rider count = 360         
     1D Time = 15.200, Placings =  5, Pool = $ 5785.00                       
     2D Time = 15.700, Placings = 36, Pool = $ 5322.20                       
     3D Time = 16.200, Placings = 67, Pool = $ 4628.00                       
     4D Time = 16.700, Placings = 64, Pool = $ 4165.20                       
     5D Time = 17.200, Placings = 134, Pool = $ 3239.60                      
                     Not Placed = 54                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.200 $1452.00             Kris Gadbois on CRCS Regaldash            
   2nd 15.354 $1336.00             Kelli Kamm on Jackson                     
   3rd 15.523 $1163.00             Seanna Inderbieten on Pavos Salero        
   4th 15.601 $989.00              Kristen Weaver-Brown on Get R Dun It      
   5th 15.615 $845.00              Kylie Blackmore on Page Me Im Fancy       
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.710 $958.00              Rachael Ross on Risky                     
   2nd 15.739 $852.00              Virginia McClintock on Nip it Now         
   3rd 15.746 $692.00              Katie Pascoe on Famous Scarlett           
   4th 15.773 $532.00              Kris Gadbois on Sheza Frenchman Guy       
   5th 15.785 $399.00              Tilly Jenski on Dats A Fierce Dragon      
   6th 15.806 $319.00              Shelby Sullivan on Beats My Fancy         
   7th 15.809 $266.00              Karlie Boles on Nita Gin N Juice          
   8th 15.827 $239.00              Alyssa Conklin on Jets Skipping Stick     
   9th 15.894 $213.00              Leah Baize on Nicks Star Player           
  10th 15.896 $186.00              Cheyenne Lindsey on Pritzi Will Go        
  11th 15.902 $160.00              Toni Miller on Bugs N Fame                
  12th 15.968 $144.00              Cassidy Champlin on Casady                
  13th 15.977 $133.00              Stacey Freitas on Mohican Sun             
  14th 15.984 $122.00              Ginia Koons on Stashin A Lil Cash         
  15th 16.001 $106.00              Jamie Harris on Do it Little O'Riley      
  16th 16.002                      Payton Bladow on Docs Lena Rey            
  17th 16.010                      Kelly Strohmenger on KA Peppered in Fame  
  18th 16.011                      Kathy Petska on Jeffrey                   
  19th 16.013                      Jennifer Brown on Horse                   
  20th 16.021                      Emily Hannaford on Chasin My Youth        
  21st 16.022                      Kristen Weaver-Brown on Crush             
  22nd 16.042                      Jamie Harris on Cash Is The Devil         
  23rd 16.053                      Rio Clawson on Nathan                     
  24th 16.056                      Shaun Sandoval on Winning Frenchman       
  25th 16.072                      Katie Carroll on Fast N Easy Memories     
  26th 16.099                      Ginia Koons on Sevens Treasured Mojo      
  27th 16.108                      Dora Denning on Smash Bada Bing           
  28th 16.119                      Kaydin Finan on Dillon                    
  29th 16.126                      Kathy Millhiser on Sierra Fame            
 30th 16.131                      Debbie Langdon on Style Secret Fuel       
  31st 16.143                      Payton Bladow on Quick Like Nic           
Tie    16.143                      Masyn Powers on Gracie                    
  33rd 16.164                      Linda Vick on Streakin Four Whiskey       
  34th 16.168                      Maddy Munson on Secret                    
  35th 16.177                      Katie Pascoe on Frenchmans Royal Guy      
  36th 16.180                      Jamie Harris on Carlyo Colt               
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.207 $787.00              Riki Remhart on Miss Dash N Go            
Tie    16.207 $787.00              Melanie Jaegers on Jerry's Tapped Off     
   3rd 16.220 $602.00              Kathy Petska on Bugsy                     
   4th 16.223 $463.00              Daley Raze on Boots                       
   5th 16.224 $347.00              Katie Bray on JRS Hardwood                
   6th 16.228 $278.00              Krista Williams on El Cachurro            
   7th 16.246 $231.00              Lauren Crivier on Shinning Ta Fame        
   8th 16.250 $208.00              Rio Clawson on Zorro                      
   9th 16.258 $185.00              Robin Cary on Heza Splash A Dash          
  10th 16.272 $162.00              Stephanie Dial on Teller                  
  11th 16.277 $139.00              Enastele Colwell on Whiskey               
  12th 16.279 $125.00              Brina McAmis on Mighty Easy Fame          
  13th 16.286 $116.00              Payton Lopez on KN Dig This               
  14th 16.288 $106.00              Sydney Vodicka on Magic                   
  15th 16.303 $ 93.00              Britany Davis on Bella                    
  16th 16.304                      Katy Varian on Calico Czech               
  17th 16.322                      Allie Smith on Hole Lotta Perks           
  18th 16.327                      Tana Castro on MH All D Cows              
  19th 16.346                      Sammie Morisoli on Nics Chexy Cowgirl     
  20th 16.358                      Suzanne Bene on Wrangler Rock It          
  21st 16.362                      Kaitlyn Absatz on Tazzy                   
  22nd 16.364                      Cindy Gereaux on Lilla                    
  23rd 16.365                      Terye Penrod on Mackboom                  
  24th 16.367                      Reese Lance on Scamper                    
  25th 16.388                      Ariane Kuhnert on AOK Tattooed Hero       
  26th 16.398                      Asia McMurry on My Ferraris On Fire       
  27th 16.406                      Cheyanne Tannery on Bar B Mr RTJ Lite     
  28th 16.412                      Tierney VanNote on Lotto                  
  29th 16.413                      Sammie Morisoli on MS Smart Starlight     
  30th 16.441                      Jessica John on Tejons Little Nina        
  31st 16.448                      Caitlyn Owen on Dugan                     
  32nd 16.455                      Tana Castro on Renegade Flo               
  33rd 16.457                      Eryn Warren on Dakota                     
  34th 16.461                      Tilly Jenski on Dragons Snappy Tune       
  35th 16.470                      Nadya Crain on Peekachoo                  
  36th 16.476                      Hayden Jefferies on Lyles Dasher          
  37th 16.482                      Stacey Hart on Kash                       
  38th 16.484                      Shannon Otjen on Munch                    
  39th 16.494                      Cheryl Clower on Power N Fast             
  40th 16.497                      Jessica Krambeer on Casnninbiankus        
  41st 16.502                      Stephanie Langdon on Minnie               
 42nd 16.504                      Amy Singh on Azure Smokoing Te            
  43rd 16.508                      Ana Howard on Amazing At Night            
Tie    16.508                      McKayla Brown on Travelin Chic Olena      
  45th 16.529                      Sammie jo Stuart on Champagnes Fizz       
  46th 16.538                      Heaven Perez on Bar Hobbys Doc            
  47th 16.542                      Samantha Hornberger on Washakie Just Tru  
  48th 16.546                      Rebecca Arnold on Key Game                
  49th 16.547                      Bonnie Christian on Charm Doctor          
  50th 16.554                      Michelle Sullivan on Dash of Native       
  51st 16.565                      Julie Strickland on Two Timin Frenchman   
  52nd 16.579                      Sammie Morisoli on Birdmann               
  53rd 16.582                      Dana Ryan on Firewater McQueen            
  54th 16.609                      Gwen Culp on Waddle Doodle                
  55th 16.620                      Makayla Cozatt on Bellas Blue Cloud       
  56th 16.638                      Caitlin Koss on Starbucks                 
  57th 16.645                      Cassidy Champlin on Bullseye              
  58th 16.654                      Masyn Powers on PacMan                    
  59th 16.662                      Caitlin Koss on Reine De La Lune          
  60th 16.665                      Brooke Hayes on MT Box of Dreams          
  61st 16.668                      David Renier on Fly Hi Jet                
  62nd 16.681                      Emily Hannaford on Hollywood Heatwave     
  63rd 16.684                      Paisley Nobles on Lexi                    
  64th 16.690                      Ashleigh Pippenger on Molly               
  65th 16.692                      Melissa Shomaker on JJ Packin Yawls Stone 
  66th 16.696                      Kris Gadbois on Famous Goodbye Lane       
  67th 16.698                      Gillian Mullican on Devlin                
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.711 $750.00              Skyler Sutton on Shezapepperedbiscuit     
   2nd 16.717 $666.00              Lauren Irwin on Finn                      
   3rd 16.720 $541.00              Rylee Cooper on Not So Perfecto           
   4th 16.723 $417.00              Robin Butler on Cowboy Catcher            
   5th 16.726 $312.00              Kelly Strohmenger on Kalickety Split      
   6th 16.733 $250.00              Taylor Lamb on Bing                       
   7th 16.745 $208.00              Lynlee Crist on Dixie                     
   8th 16.751 $187.00              Cammy Estep on Heresy                     
   9th 16.766 $167.00              Jennifer Smith on Sonora                  
  10th 16.768 $146.00              Sammie Morisoli on Manny                  
  11th 16.769 $125.00              Karla Sanchez on Banana                   
  12th 16.771 $112.00              Randy Funderburk on Red                   
  13th 16.778 $104.00              Ashlyn Muto on Reggie                     
  14th 16.789 $ 96.00              Tilly Jenski on BR Phantoms Rose          
  15th 16.805 $ 83.00              Jamie LaFortune on Razzle Dazzle Tafame   
  16th 16.810                      Kristen Weaver-Brown on ICU 4 Socks       
  17th 16.811                      Alyssa Conklin on Una Conquista           
  18th 16.825                      Jersi Laughton on Felix                   
  19th 16.868                      Missy Tuck on Dusty Be Dashin             
  20th 16.881                      Jeannie Malone on Doctor K                
  21st 16.883                      Bonnie Christian on BLJ Shawnee Creek     
  22nd 16.884                      Kylie Clower on Shine N Seek              
 23rd 16.886                      Janel Flook on JF Melitas Cash            
Tie    16.886                      Carolyn Thomas on My Silent Eclipse       
  25th 16.913                      Robin Reeh on Smoken Hot Cat              
Tie    16.913                      Jessica Townsend on I CD Cat              
  27th 16.921                      Mindy Jeffries on Blackie                 
  28th 16.922                      Madison Menville on Captain               
  29th 16.926                      Shawna Purvis on Six Ingredients          
Tie    16.926                      Jessica Walpole on Jack Be Famous         
  31st 16.933                      Jamie LaFortune on SL Lauras Fame         
  32nd 16.944                      Rylee Cooper on SHR Brandywine Drummer    
  33rd 16.967                      Jaden Usher on Hick                       
  34th 16.970                      Jessica Walpole on Hoots Jr Fame          
  35th 16.982                      Linda Travis on Frosted My Glass          
  36th 16.989                      Kim Martin on Blackstar Ruby              
  37th 16.991                      ZeAnne Hesterman on Due A Little Dance    
Tie    16.991                      Robyn Morgan on Toby                      
  39th 16.992                      Renee Rettstatt on Angels Can Fly         
  40th 17.002                      Melissa Perez on Maybe Ima Be Bigtime     
  41st 17.015                      Belinda Bates on Porshe                   
Tie    17.015                      Laura Enborg on Forest                    
  43rd 17.022                      Laurie Dye on TF Montana Star             
Tie    17.022                      Denise Munson on CD                       
  45th 17.027                      Kayla Pugliese on Don't Get It Twisted    
  46th 17.033                      Charlie Thompson on Tiny                  
  47th 17.034                      Julie Martindale on Digit                 
  48th 17.043                      Ashley Ferguson on Bling                  
  49th 17.047                      Cyndi Pais on Tuckers French Twist        
  50th 17.048                      Merlin Jackson on Joaks Bold Bug          
  51st 17.058                      Merlin Jackson on Gold Nuggets Rane       
  52nd 17.061                      Robyn Hooker on Sprat                     
  53rd 17.066                      Tali Manthey on Lady                      
  54th 17.078                      Elise Prekker on Luna                     
  55th 17.081                      Emily Backes on A starbucks N FireRB      
  56th 17.107                      Erica Fitzgerald on Tuckers Debutante     
  57th 17.111                      Melanie Nicholson on Nanettes Little Nino 
  58th 17.131                      Reba Pugliese on Diesel                   
  59th 17.137                      Michelle Anderson on Hezacockycat         
  60th 17.145                      Savannah Densmore on Decker               
  61st 17.178                      Annette Turner on LL Go streakin Doll     
Tie    17.178                      Jan Evanson on Pritzie Darn Good          
  63rd 17.182                      Katie Denny on Carlittas Cash             
  64th 17.197                      Rendi Williams on Buggs                   
                               5D Placings                                   
   1st 17.203 $551.00              Reyna Johnson on Bo                       
Tie    17.203 $551.00              Larry Smith on Sooner                     
   3rd 17.206 $421.00              Jamie Harris on Turk                      
   4th 17.217 $324.00              Shannon Hughes on Hemi                    
   5th 17.221 $243.00              Barbara Patton on Little Strait Diamond   
   6th 17.230 $194.00              Britany Davis on Smart Pine Spirit        
 7th 17.232 $162.00              Scarlet Walker on Pre Madonna             
   8th 17.238 $146.00              Cheryl Kidd on Mr. Peppys Leavin          
   9th 17.257 $130.00              Mary Ellen Hannon on Shakem Up Pat        
  10th 17.265 $113.00              Tori Ramirez on Wright On Scarlett        
  11th 17.270 $ 97.00              Christina Swan on Bay Traffic             
  12th 17.284 $ 87.00              Missy Buchanan on Go and Rule             
  13th 17.290 $ 81.00              Elva Hinojosa on Dually                   
  14th 17.294 $ 75.00              Ashley Fairhurst on Sinder                
  15th 17.296 $ 65.00              Pepe Lozada on Shooter                    
  16th 17.303                      Shelley Morgan on Hot Shot Hickory"Peppy" 
  17th 17.320                      Jimmy Daurio on Sunny All Day             
  18th 17.321                      Kieri Black on Jagger                     
  19th 17.323                      Nicole Camarillo on Skeeter               
  20th 17.330                      Julie Lane on Little Pine Fire            
  21st 17.331                      Ashley Durett on Bonita Rosey Joe         
  22nd 17.336                      Kori Cruz on Impressive Quincy Danse      
  23rd 17.341                      April Flook on Falcons Montana Jet        
  24th 17.345                      Emily Lepone on Drift'n Lika Boss         
  25th 17.349                      Laura Lotshaw on Aftershock               
  26th 17.351                      Duetta Langevin on Hemi                   
  27th 17.353                      Lauren Lightcap on The last Catt To Go    
Tie    17.353                      Karen Tusler on Elliedoc                  
  29th 17.361                      Annette Turner on LL Go Frenchmans Doll   
  30th 17.374                      Denise Munson on Ima Dyna                 
  31st 17.376                      Zachary Henry on Skip A Golden Legacy     
  32nd 17.378                      Rachel Solov on Goin Stylin               
  33rd 17.414                      Kaylee Viconda on Penny                   
  34th 17.418                      Sharon Edstrom on Sliders Joker           
  35th 17.431                      Dawn Colwell on Rock The Smash Bar        
  36th 17.438                      Nathan Dye on Tender Atina                
  37th 17.444                      Lisa Rapier on Austin Six                 
  38th 17.445                      Shawna Bishop on Sierra                   
  39th 17.446                      Pepe Lozada on Mover                      
Tie    17.446                      Terye Penrod on Famous Firewater Fox      
  41st 17.466                      Lindsey Russo on Justa Little Famous      
  42nd 17.475                      Emily Frakes on Biggie                    
  43rd 17.480                      Cindi Archer on Bombers Cowboy            
Tie    17.480                      Hayley Melton on Pride of Paso            
  45th 17.498                      Gayle Smith on Streakin Cool Breeze       
  46th 17.523                      Jamie Snyder on Streakinskippinbaybe      
  47th 17.531                      Enastele Colwell on Jack                  
  48th 17.535                      Brittanie Richards on Perk Me Blue        
  49th 17.568                      Jordyn Grahm on Lil Red Reinmaker         
  50th 17.589                      Samantha Dye on Dylans Lady Bar Tab       
  51st 17.622                      Sally Ives on Express It Wright           
  52nd 17.631                      Amber Bustamante on Streakin OMG          
  53rd 17.634                      Tracey Scott on Bullitt                   
  54th 17.639                      Cheyenne Lindsey on Investers Decision    
  55th 17.658                      Laney DeNuzio on Bentley                  
  56th 17.662                      Tina Mcenery on Sheer brillance           
 57th 17.675                      Amanda Warren on RRR Dinkys Rare View     
  58th 17.677                      Dora Denning on Gypsy Roan N Cooke        
  59th 17.688                      Jackie Harris on Special Moon Effort      
  60th 17.719                      Bethany Vantol on Fly In My Red Hotrod    
  61st 17.724                      Jersi Laughton on Lotto                   
  62nd 17.754                      Robin Butler on Lenas Effort              
  63rd 17.758                      Carissa Miller on Dasher                  
  64th 17.796                      Tenisha Vargas on Badger                  
  65th 17.808                      Melissa Misner on Colonel                 
  66th 17.809                      Lennie Meyer on Eli                       
  67th 17.824                      Sammi Mullennix on Pony                   
Tie    17.824                      Kylie Blackmore on Hardly Jettin          
  69th 17.837                      Payton Bladow on Codys Little Chrissy     
  70th 17.845                      Trisha Giles on Bucko                     
Tie    17.845                      Jaden Murray on Maggie                    
  72nd 17.851                      Kate Herrera on Cowboy                    
  73rd 17.854                      Shyla Finan on Horse                      
  74th 17.890                      Erica Baxter on Kiaras Redemption         
  75th 17.905                      Makayla Babiy on 2 Docs Deluxe            
  76th 17.907                      Velva Price on Woody                      
  77th 17.937                      Jesselyn Engler on Tangle Ridge Flyer     
  78th 17.941                      JoJo Hagerstrom on Smoken Boons Hot Cat   
Tie    17.941                      Melissa Shomaker on TH Really Dude        
  80th 17.942                      Linda Vick on Extremley French            
  81st 17.957                      Mollie McTeggart on Cajuns Indigo         
  82nd 17.959                      Michelle DeVries on Ebar Hornitos Pep     
  83rd 17.985                      Elisa Hinojosa on Uno                     
  84th 18.001                      Sydney Vodicka on Money                   
  85th 18.054                      Terri Eakins on Glory B                   
Tie    18.054                      Jennifer Schooler on Buffy                
  87th 18.063                      Sarah Sjem on Jewels Swift Credit         
  88th 18.069                      Kylie Blackmore on Aint Dun Yet           
  89th 18.107                      Jaden Usher on Frog Hollow Bacardi        
  90th 18.111                      Madison Renfree on Gunner                 
  91st 18.116                      Donna Degenero on May Dial Fame           
  92nd 18.143                      Tonya Burchard on Tater                   
  93rd 18.188                      Mackenzie Lee on Gonna Get Lucky          
  94th 18.225                      Breanna Keil on SLR Got My Mojo Workin    
  95th 18.228                      Sandra Crist on Bueno River Run           
  96th 18.325                      Cindy Gregory on Imfrench N Packnfury     
  97th 18.348                      Hailey Hagerstrom on Journey              
  98th 18.360                      Jessica Walpole on RT Red Corona          
  99th 18.361                      Leslie Ippoliti on Sienna                 
Tie    18.361                      Amy Smith on DocsSassyBeSugar             
 101st 18.367                      Brittany Cunningham on Ima Frenchmans Cho 
 102nd 18.394                      Hayley Melton on Raisen Rewards           
 103rd 18.440                      Ramon Gomez on Really Rushing             
 104th 18.457                      Cindy Waldhauser on Lil Sister            
 105th 18.492                      Rebecca Larkin on You And Me at Midnite   
 106th 18.494                      Shelly Capocciama on Short On Emotion     
107th 18.544                      Olivia Verbeck on Peanut                  
 108th 18.611                      Rachel Solov on CR Okies Be Tuff          
 109th 18.615                      Tina Glidden on Peanut                    
 110th 18.624                      Charlotte Frye on Brawley                 
 111th 18.648                      Lauren Herron on Spanish Starlight Girl   
 112th 18.738                      Breanna Mills on Casper                   
 113th 18.829                      Gay Boyd on Cowboys Blue Kitten           
 114th 19.122                      Dakota Zamudio on Gambling With Fire      
 115th 19.142                      Madison Walsh on Cash Money               
 116th 19.175                      Christin Caltabiano on Hancocks Rowdy Gir 
 117th 19.179                      Sherri Kastilahn on Jessies Red Peppy     
 118th 19.185                      Cindy Waldhauser on Angel                 
 119th 19.223                      Selena Roberts on This Buds a Colonel     
 120th 19.238                      Alyssa Winkelman on Gator                 
 121st 19.272                      Sarah Thoennes on Dynamite Dacquiri       
 122nd 19.346                      Isabella Pate on Little Miss Pony Power   
 123rd 19.356                      Jessica Valenzuela on VV Truly Easy       
 124th 19.425                      Susie Hochstrat on Jackpot                
 125th 19.459                      Rinda Solis on Dreaming Of Nu Cash        
 126th 19.509                      Paisley Nobles on Chickie                 
 127th 19.773                      Lily Garth on Lucky Beauty Bar            
 128th 20.083                      Alli Lorraine Johnson on Kitty            
 129th 20.349                      Johnnie Rose Bray on Sorry-OJS Creekwood  
 130th 20.639                      Makenna Vargas on Smiley Peach            
 131st 21.292                      Kylie Parcell on Benny                    
 132nd 22.485                      Kris Gadbois on DTF Famous Signature      
 133rd 29.069                      Lisa Winder on Cooper                     
 134th 30.137                      Melanie Thompson on Bee                   
N/T    400.000                     Luke Martin on Fresnos Hot N Dry          
SCR    400.000                     Samantha Hornberger on Favorite fling     
N/T    400.000                     Julie Martindale on Dennis                
SCR    400.000                     Shelby Sullivan on Colonel Whisper Whiz   
N/T    400.000                     Amy Smith on Hills Cash Shadow            
N/T    400.000                     Shannon Clawson on Here Is The Queen      
N/T    400.000                     Rylie Lisseback on Java                   
N/T    400.000                     Sarah Sjem on Famous Shaker               
N/T    400.000                     Linda Cheek on Zena                       
N/T    400.000                     Paula Sanford on Attaway Lady Doc         
N/T    400.000                     Stacey Hampton on World Famous Louise     
N/T    415.781                     Jessica Krambeer on Miss Rock n Nonstop   
N/T    415.857                     Rick Manucy on Famous Dallas Jazz         
N/T    415.884                     Kristen Weaver-Brown on Cricket           
N/T    415.966                     Karlie Boles on Wood I Be Smart           
N/T    416.066                     Kandis Lord on RGR Hurricane Hugo         
N/T    416.150                     Kathy Vasquez on Sail On Ta Fame          
N/T    416.216                     Chris Azevedo on Allsoperky               
N/T    416.237                     Sarah Sjem on LNC Playboy                 
N/T    416.291                     Faith Furrow on Fames Easy Jetolena       
N/T    416.340                     Charlene Guardamondo on Fishermanswharf   
N/T    416.374                     Monica Michaels on Aggies Dash            
N/T    416.391                     Jessica Walpole on Justa Lenas Diamond    
N/T    416.446                     Kristen Weaver-Brown on La Lucci          
N/T    416.560                     Natalie Donaldson on RB Yeah Shes Firen   
N/T    416.597                     Christina Curley on Whinnie               
N/T    416.602                     Kandis Lord on Fame                       
N/T    416.650                     Jennifer Smith on Millie                  
N/T    416.658                     Skyler Sutton on Rio Crime                
N/T    416.680                     Mel Gibson on TRS Easy Dash               
N/T    416.683                     Kathy Bankston on Moonlight In Rio        
N/T    416.687                     Emily Franklin on Frankie                 
N/T    416.695                     Lauren Crivier on Ima Six Zee Fame        
N/T    416.697                     Jamie LaFortune on Cals Whittle Dualer    
N/T    416.738                     Susie Mills on Rudy                       
N/T    416.757                     Kaile Pena on Charger                     
N/T    416.816                     Jasmine Perez on Tink Tink                
N/T    417.037                     Brenda Slocumb on Shiners Lita Lou        
N/T    417.187                     Andrea Faustina on Okies Dream Ta Fame    
N/T    417.220                     Julieann Lee on Etta                      
N/T    417.245                     Tana Castro on Colema Flo                 
N/T    417.345                     Brittany Durett on Terciopelo Budha       
N/T    417.372                     Corey Evans on Hottie                     
N/T    417.483                     Kylee Kuhlman on Jess                     
N/T    417.520                     Michelle Lang on Horse                    
N/T    417.650                     Belinda Bates on Short N Shiney           
N/T    417.821                     Asia McMurry on Spanky                    
N/T    418.005                     London Gladney on Duel N Jalenpenos       
N/T    418.889                     Cookie Scane on Curly Sue                 
N/T    419.310                     Cheryl Clower on Dragons Firestorm        
N/T    420.771                     Linda Vick on KN French Dot Fame          
N/T    421.439                     Jessica Walpole on Mission Fame           
N/T    422.981                     Masyn Powers on Dashin Ta Roses           
N/T    435.512                     Julie Perry on Shes Blazin Amazin

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