2017 Friday Results

NBHA 4D Jackpot in Friday Open                      
Paying to  8 placings, Jackpot Total = $  7220.00, Rider count = 160         
     1D Time = 15.559, Placings =  8, Pool = $ 1805.00                       
     2D Time = 16.059, Placings = 24, Pool = $ 1660.60                       
     3D Time = 16.559, Placings = 37, Pool = $ 1444.00                       
     4D Time = 17.059, Placings = 24, Pool = $ 1299.60                       
     5D Time = 17.559, Placings = 43, Pool = $ 1010.80                       
                     Not Placed = 24                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.559 $433.00              Seanna Inderbieten on Pavos Salero        
   2nd 15.662 $325.00              Kelli Kamm on Jackson                     
   3rd 15.809 $271.00              Katie Pascoe on JR Naughty Jet            
   4th 15.832 $217.00              Leah Baize on Nicks Star Player           
   5th 15.956 $181.00              Cheyenne Lindsey on Pritzi Will Go        
   6th 15.989 $144.00              Payton Bladow on Quick Like Nic           
   7th 16.016 $126.00              Krista Williams on El Cachurro            
   8th 16.053 $108.00              Monica Michaels on Aggies Dash            
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 16.087 $399.00              Rachael Ross on Risky                     
   2nd 16.129 $299.00              Brittney Barnett on Chicks Smoke Olena    
   3rd 16.153 $249.00              Cheyanne Tannery on Bar B Mr RTJ Lite     
   4th 16.154 $199.00              Kylie Blackmore on Page Me Im Fancy       
   5th 16.162 $166.00              Rebecca Arnold on Key Game                
   6th 16.178 $133.00              Suzanne Bene on Wrangler Rock It          
   7th 16.190 $116.00              Payton Bladow on Docs Lena Rey            
   8th 16.237 $100.00              Stephanie Dial on Teller                  
   9th 16.246                      Taylor Rogers on California Cool Ranger   
  10th 16.255                      Kirsty Gibbs on Stir N Up Trouble         
  11th 16.285                      Karla Sanchez on Banana                   
  12th 16.317                      Heaven Perez on Bar Hobbys Doc            
  13th 16.368                      Katie Pascoe on Famous Scarlett           
  14th 16.424                      Karlie Boles on Nita Gin N Juice          
  15th 16.432                      Tilly Jenski on Dragons Snappy Tune       
  16th 16.437                      Caitlyn Owen on Dugan                     
  17th 16.442                      McKayla Brown on Travelin Chic Olena      
  18th 16.467                      Natalie Donaldson on RB Yeah Shes Firen   
  19th 16.487                      Christina Curley on Whinnie               
  20th 16.494                      Terye Penrod on Mackboom                  
  21st 16.500                      Skyler Sutton on Shezapepperedbiscuit     
  22nd 16.515                      Shelby Sullivan on Beats My Fancy         
  23rd 16.517                      Chris Azevedo on Allsoperky               
  24th 16.545                      Jenna Reardon on Wood I Be Smart          
                               3D Placings                                   
12:38 PM 10/11/17      Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 2   
                         NBHA 4D Jackpot in Friday Open                      
   1st 16.610 $347.00              Rio Clawson on Nathan                     
   2nd 16.630 $260.00              Michelle Sullivan on Dash of Native       
   3rd 16.632 $195.00              ZeAnne Hesterman on Due A Little Dance    
Tie    16.632 $195.00              Riki Remhart on Miss Dash N Go            
   5th 16.663 $144.00              Tilly Jenski on Dats A Fierce Dragon      
   6th 16.669 $116.00              Tori Ramirez on Wright On Scarlett        
   7th 16.677 $101.00              David Renier on Fly Hi Jet                
   8th 16.699 $ 87.00              Samantha Hornberger on Washakie Just Tru  
   9th 16.702                      Robin Cary on Heza Splash A Dash          
  10th 16.715                      Lauren Crivier on Ima Six Zee Fame        
  11th 16.741                      Kylie Clower on Shine N Seek              
  12th 16.748                      Jessica Walpole on Jack Be Famous         
  13th 16.750                      Ariane Kuhnert on AOK Tattooed Hero       
  14th 16.760                      Denise Munson on CD                       
  15th 16.774                      Jessica Rathcke on RRR Skipa Handle Bar   
  16th 16.780                      Skyler Sutton on Rio Crime                
  17th 16.787                      Taylor Lamb on Bing                       
  18th 16.802                      Tana Castro on Renegade Flo               
  19th 16.805                      Jessica Townsend on I CD Cat              
  20th 16.835                      Tilly Jenski on BR Phantoms Rose          
  21st 16.858                      Sydney Vodicka on Magic                   
  22nd 16.862                      Stacey Hart on Kash                       
  23rd 16.876                      Michelle Lang on Horse                    
  24th 16.877                      Janel Flook on JF Melitas Cash            
  25th 16.884                      Terye Penrod on Famous Firewater Fox      
  26th 16.886                      Jessica Walpole on Justa Lenas Diamond    
  27th 16.923                      Jan Evanson on Pritzie Darn Good          
  28th 16.934                      Cassidy Champlin on Bullseye              
  29th 16.936                      Ashley Ferguson on Bling                  
  30th 16.943                      Kirsty Gibbs on Master Czechmate          
  31st 16.952                      Mel Gibson on TRS Easy Dash               
  32nd 16.955                      Emily Backes on A starbucks N FireRB      
  33rd 16.994                      Andrea Faustina on Okies Dream Ta Fame    
  34th 17.003                      Missy Tuck on Dusty Be Dashin             
  35th 17.015                      Julieann Lee on Etta                      
  36th 17.034                      Caitlin Koss on Reine De La Lune          
  37th 17.054                      Tana Castro on MH All D Cows              
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 17.086 $312.00              Pepe Lozada on Shooter                    
   2nd 17.089 $234.00              Kathy Millhiser on Sierra Fame            
   3rd 17.105 $195.00              Sandra Crist on Bueno River Run           
   4th 17.106 $143.00              April Flook on Falcons Montana Jet        
Tie    17.106 $143.00              Shawna Bishop on Crafty Sara              
   6th 17.127 $104.00              Lynlee Crist on Dixie                     
   7th 17.130 $ 91.00              Makayla Cozatt on Bellas Blue Cloud       
   8th 17.155 $ 78.00              Jessica Walpole on Hoots Jr Fame          
   9th 17.175                      Merlin Jackson on Joaks Bold Bug          
  10th 17.176                      Robin Butler on Cowboy Catcher            
  11th 17.191                      Duetta Langevin on Hemi                   
12:38 PM 10/11/17      Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 3   
                         NBHA 4D Jackpot in Friday Open                      
  12th 17.261                      Merlin Jackson on Gold Nuggets Rane       
  13th 17.299                      Kaila Gray on KG Band of Perks            
  14th 17.315                      Lisa Rapier on Austin Six                 
  15th 17.317                      Sarah Sjem on Famous Shaker               
  16th 17.341                      Tierney VanNote on Lotto                  
  17th 17.344                      Jeannie Malone on Doctor K                
  18th 17.348                      Laney DeNuzio on Bentley                  
  19th 17.386                      Samantha Dye on Dylans Lady Bar Tab       
  20th 17.403                      Karla Sanchez on Jessie Jane              
  21st 17.475                      Julie Lane on Little Pine Fire            
  22nd 17.520                      Nathan Dye on Tender Atina                
  23rd 17.522                      Kim Martin on Blackstar Ruby              
  24th 17.540                      Emily Ennis on Challenger Ta Vegas        
                               5D Placings                                   
   1st 17.608 $243.00              Zachary Henry on Skip A Golden Legacy     
   2nd 17.612 $182.00              Emily Lepone on Drift'n Lika Boss         
   3rd 17.640 $152.00              Robin Butler on Lenas Effort              
   4th 17.661 $121.00              Laurie Dye on TF Montana Star             
   5th 17.683 $101.00              Mollie McTeggart on Cajuns Indigo         
   6th 17.726 $ 81.00              Britany Davis on Smart Pine Spirit        
   7th 17.819 $ 71.00              Kylie Blackmore on Hardly Jettin          
   8th 17.885 $ 61.00              Amy Smith on DocsSassyBeSugar             
   9th 17.917                      Erica Baxter on Kiaras Redemption         
  10th 17.940                      Ashley Durett on Bonita Rosey Joe         
  11th 17.950                      Valerie Rojas on Princess P               
  12th 17.964                      Jimmy Daurio on Sunny All Day             
  13th 17.988                      Linda Cheek on Zena                       
  14th 17.990                      Kylie Blackmore on Aint Dun Yet           
  15th 18.021                      Rachel Ward on Junior                     
  16th 18.033                      Jersi Laughton on Lotto                   
  17th 18.075                      Pepe Lozada on Mover                      
  18th 18.146                      Jackie Harris on Special Moon Effort      
  19th 18.159                      Melissa Misner on Colonel                 
  20th 18.289                      Brittany Cunningham on Ima Frenchmans Cho 
  21st 18.312                      Cindy Gregory on Imfrench N Packnfury     
  22nd 18.341                      Rebecca Larkin on You And Me at Midnite   
  23rd 18.456                      Tenisha Vargas on Badger                  
  24th 18.458                      Paula Sanford on Attaway Lady Doc         
  25th 18.476                      Leslie Ippoliti on Sienna                 
  26th 18.493                      Mallory Heidrich on Valentine             
  27th 18.588                      Selena Roberts on This Buds a Colonel     
  28th 18.611                      Trisha Giles on Bucko                     
  29th 18.804                      Jaden Usher on Frog Hollow Bacardi        
  30th 18.829                      Olivia Verbeck on Peanut                  
  31st 18.858                      Harmony Latham on Guns of Zanalena        
  32nd 19.109                      Sherri Kastilahn on Jessies Red Peppy     
  33rd 19.324                      Cookie Scane on Curly Sue                 
  34th 19.369                      Cheryl Clower on Power N Fast             
  35th 19.591                      Charlotte Frye on Brawley                 
12:38 PM 10/11/17      Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 4   
                         NBHA 4D Jackpot in Friday Open                      
  36th 19.662                      Isabella Pate on Little Miss Pony Power   
  37th 19.836                      Sarah Sjem on Jewels Swift Credit         
Tie    19.836                      Carissa Miller on Dasher                  
  39th 19.840                      Wanda Walterscheid on Miss Wake up Corona 
  40th 20.156                      Arianna Ennis on Greylord                 
  41st 20.271                      Jersi Laughton on Felix                   
  42nd 20.412                      Lily Garth on Lucky Beauty Bar            
  43rd 21.045                      Makenna Vargas on Smiley Peach            
SCR    400.000                     Samantha Hornberger on Favorite fling     
N/T    400.000                     Amy Smith on Hills Cash Shadow            
N/T    400.000                     Payton Bladow on Codys Little Chrissy     
N/T    400.000                     Kylee Boldroff on Super Dry Doc           
N/T    400.000                     Shelby Sullivan on Colonel Whisper Whiz   
N/T    416.062                     Caitlin Loomis on Gold Mines Quien        
N/T    416.092                     Cassidy Champlin on Casady                
N/T    416.101                     Paisley Nobles on Lexi                    
N/T    416.155                     Katie Pascoe on Frenchmans Royal Guy      
N/T    416.187                     Melanie Thompson on Bee                   
N/T    416.296                     Jennifer Brown on Horse                   
N/T    416.404                     Britany Davis on Bella                    
N/T    416.497                     Kathy Vasquez on Sail On Ta Fame          
N/T    416.578                     Amber Bustamante on Fishermans Wharf      
N/T    416.952                     Jasmine Perez on Tink Tink                
N/T    417.028                     Bonnie Christian on BLJ Shawnee Creek     
N/T    417.125                     Jessica Walpole on Mission Fame           
N/T    417.208                     Lauren Lightcap on The last Catt To Go    
N/T    417.442                     Jessica John on Tejons Little Nina        
N/T    417.561                     Lennie Meyer on Eli                       
N/T    417.974                     Madison Menville on Captain               
N/T    419.501                     Rachel Ward on Woody                      
N/T    419.858                     Jessica Walpole on RT Red Corona          
N/T    421.836                     Gay Boyd on Cowboys Blue Kitten

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